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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Specs, Release Date and News

Samsung has recently announced its next flagship device, Samsung Galaxy S5 which will be out for sale soon in the first week of May. After the success of Galaxy S device, all the audience has turned their sights toward the next launch from Samsung, i.e. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Phablet. This new Samsung Galaxy note 4 will be the successor of the most sold and popular device Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which was launched into the market last year. It has not been more than 6 months that we have started hearing various kinds of specs and other rumors regarding this most anticipated Smartdevice from Samsung. As far as we can say is that the device will come loaded with very exciting features that will be loved by everybody. So without wasting any more time let us has a look at the features that Samsung Galaxy note 4 is going to offer to us.


  • Screen

Samsung has always taken good care of the display screen that they install in their device. So as the Note series represent the Phablet trend of the company, Galaxy Note 4 could be the first 6 inch Note device from the company. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was about 5.7 inch in display size and it is a huge possibility that the Note 4 device is going to be bigger than that. Also with the increase in screen size, Samsung is also going to provide it a fitting screen resolution which could be 2650×1440 pixels. If the resolution will be same as stated above, then Note 4 will have an excellent 510 ppi pixel density which is way more than 388 ppi that was in Galaxy Note 3.

  • Processor

When Apple launched its flagship device Apple iPhone 5S in the market, the biggest news that ruled the market was its brand new innovative 64 bit processor. We also saw that just 6 months later, Samsung also includes this processor in their flagship device Samsung Galaxy S5. There are rumors that Samsung is going to install 64 Bit processor in Galaxy Note 4 device too. It is rumored that the company is going to ship either 32 bit or 64 processor chips but it will depend upon the status of the market. But most probably Samsung will include the brand new 64 bit processor chips in its Note 4 Phablet.

  • Camera

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is going to feature a nice 16 MP rear camera to the user which will be capable of taking HD photos even in the low light conditions. The ISOCELL sensor that the company installs in its Note devices is going to enhance the picture quality of the camera. This sensor is the main reason behind the amazing pictures even in the dim light conditions.

  • Storage

Also the NAND flash memory that the company is thinking to install in the device is the latest technology that uses almost no power in retaining the data. It is more or less a volatile type of technology that overall enhances the speed of the device. Having huge storage capacity is basically works similar to a hard disk.

Release Date and News

We all know that the last Note device was released in the month of December last year. The Note 3 device from Samsung touched the success height and was loved and successful in impressing the consumers. So we can expect the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 device in the month of September or October 2014.

However the specifications that have been mentioned above are not officially stated by the Samsung executive, but soon we are going to get a confirmed list of specification from the company. But whatever may be the scenario, the main point is that this new Galaxy Note 4 device will be one of the most advanced gadgets in our hands and the best Phablet device that the world would have seen till date.