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Three Rooms That Will Boost Your Home’s Equity

People always love new ways to make money. Remodeling your home will not only make you money, but it will boost the enjoyment your family experiences while living in the home. You should make sure to do your research when choosing exactly what part of your home you will remodel. The best three rooms to build equity in your home would be the kitchen, the bathroom, and the basement. Here are some ways to incorporate the remodel of these three spaces of your home.

The Kitchen

For most new buyers, the kitchen draws the highest traffic in the home. If you do the remodel with the budget in mind, and don’t go overboard, you stand to make back sixty to a hundred and twenty percent of your investment. By saying don’t go overboard, we mean that the kitchen shouldn’t be way fancier than the rest of the home. You also don’t want it to be way nicer than everyone else’s kitchen in the neighborhood. If the rest of your home is artsy and crafty style, you would do yourself an injustice by investing a hundred thousand dollars into a kitchen renovation. It wouldn’t match, and may even present itself a bit awkwardly. A fresh coat of paint and some energy efficient appliances will go far for upgrading your kitchen. New home buyers usually look for any way they might be able to save a buck, so the energy efficient appliances will draw them in more so than old outdated appliances.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is another main spot that home buyers are more picky about. Just as with your kitchen, you shouldn’t go overboard in your bathroom either. A few new fixtures, redo the grouting, and add some color to the space with a splash of paint and you’ve got gold. You should also remember that adding a bit of texture to your bathroom’s walls or a backsplash to the handwashing sink will transform your bathroom from boring to bomb! Also, please don’t allow that old wallpaper to survive your bathroom’s transformation. Wallpaper is tacky and outdated. You would be hard pressed to find a buyer that was thrilled about old wallpaper in the bathroom.

The Basement

You will forever and always make your investment back plus profits by finishing your basement, and turning it into a livable space for the home. Homebuyers love love love an extra living space in the basement of a home they are considering for purchase. There are so many options when it comes to renovating your basement. You could convert it to a separate living space, and advertise it as a rental property. You could convert it into a man cave. You could even use the basement for a safe and inventive play room for the kids.