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From Romeo to JFK — in Legos

John Wilkes booth readies the killing shot on President Abraham Lincoln in the new book “Assassinated!” The book showcases the makes an attempt on the lives of 12 US presidents.

You’ve got viewed the picture a thousand times. John F. Kennedy and his spouse Jackie, sit behind the limousine. It is the final moments of JFK’s life, as seconds later; the president would be gunned down. But you’ve by no means viewed it like this earlier than — made completely out of Lagos.

That scene, and others from the assassination attempts on the lives of 12 American presidents, are featured in “Assassination!” wherein Brendan Powell Smith tells the tales of each vital assault on a US president, together with the killings of Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln, and the 1981 shooting of Ronald Reagan.

The book is oddly tutorial: did you know that Osama bin weighted down tried to kill invoice Clinton in Manila in 1996, for instance?

“Assassination!” is only one of four new books from Sky horse Publishing that showcase historical past and human success the use of nothing but Lagos. In “Badass Bricks,” Jake Mackay displays us tips on how to use Lagos to construct 35 completely different famous weapons, whereas in “excessive Bricks,” Sarah Herman highlights dozens of attractive, inventive, Lego initiatives from a variety of builders.

And finally, in “Brick Shakespeare,” Monica Sweeney, Becky Thomas, and John McCann present “Hamlet,” “Macbeth,” “Romeo and Juliet,” and “Julius Caesar” in Lagos.

The new books apply on other up to date Lego guide tasks, including “stunning Lego,” by means of Mike Doyle, and “Lego space: building the future,” through Peter Reid and Tim Goddard.


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