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The Role Of SEO Consultants In Small Businesses

The changing landscape of digital and online marketing places a significant burden on a company’s marketing team and more importantly, the need for significant return on its marketing budget. Social media management, digital asset creation and maintenance and the development of a holistic, viable and scalable online marketing plan requires a judicious mix of traditional and online marketing strategies that deliver this return on investment. One of the primary challenges that most marketing professionals face is the transition from traditional marketing to online marketing environments. It is in this area that SEO consultants can transform a company’s interactions with its potential and existing customers.

Consulting in an Online World

Today, many businesses are often given the idea that traditional marketing models need to be replaced by an online marketing model. However, an understanding of what comprises digital or online marketing becomes necessary to show that online marketing bases its core tenets on the tried and tested practices of traditional marketing. Therefore, companies around the world develop a mix of both traditional and online marketing capabilities through the use of SEO consultants—professionals who understand the nuances of digital marketing and the value of search engine optimisation. The value of an SEO consultant lies in being able to leverage the power of digital channels to efficiently and effectively market a company’s products and services.

The urgent need for SEO consultants is highlighted by the fact that less than 28% of Australian small businesses have an active social media or online presence. While large enterprises fare better in this area, one of the most telling statistics is the disparity between the number of Facebook users and the number of businesses on Facebook: Today, over 97% of Australians are on Facebook while over 45% of our country’s businesses have no presence on the social media platform. As a result, these businesses fail to obtain critical data about consumer trends, purchasing behaviour and the impact of social media on revenue and profitability. SEO consultants help businesses establish and manage their SEO in an effective manner.  View this site for more information on Australian social media statistics.

Online and digital marketing is not only limited to having a static web page that advertises a company’s products and services. Companies that work with SEO consultants invest in a marketing strategy that includes multiple channels such as social media (such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter,) video, email and mobile marketing to reach a wider consumer base. It also involves the active use of data, analytics and optimisation tools such as Google Local optimisation and AdWords to help a business become more visible to its target customer demographic and explore new demographics.

Push vs. Pull Marketing with SEO Consultants

SEO consultancy in Australia, like from ROI and other firms ( reached a degree of sophistication and efficiency that matches and exceeds industry standards around the world. While digital marketing and social media marketing have ushered in a change from a “push” marketing strategies where companies informed their customers about products to “pull” marketing strategies where customers pro-actively seek out independent ,crowdsourced information to review, verify and make purchasing decisions about a company’s products and services.

From a small business perspective, the services of SEO consultants are essential to the effective management of these multiple channels and the large amounts of data that achieves multiple goals:

  • It helps companies identify customer demographics that help fine-tune its marketing and advertising strategy.
  • It provides positive and critical feedback about the company’s products or services, acting as a catalyst for improvement and innovation.
  • It provides large data sets that identify customer behaviour and help anticipate the need for new or improved products.
  • It fuels growth by marketing the high quality of products and superlative customer service that are a part of the small business ethos to a countrywide or a global audience.

Today, over 60% of urban buyers base their purchasing decisions on information available through digital and social channels. Therefore, SEO consultants such as ROI help small businesses find their digital identity and use this identity to fuel growth and improve profitability.