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Role Of The Sports Brands In The Evolution Of Tennis Fashion

Everyone thinks sports are all about competition, but now fashion and glamour have affected the world of sports too. All sports events are covered by media, and everyone is keen to see what everyone is wearing. Off the field, many sports persons are like celebrities, and are turning heads with their gorgeous designer outfits. Thousands of fans and media wait for such off the field events to see these players. The game that has been the most influenced by the fashion industry is tennis. Most tennis players are conscious about what they are wearing on and off the court.

About The Fashion

Previously, there was no such thing as Tennis Fashion. Every player followed the dress code and dressed accordingly, and there was no need of looking good. But now, most of the players are making fashion statements on the court with their dressing sense. Now along with the match results, comments are made by media on the fashion statements that are displayed on the court. Some of the sportsmen keep it simple and subtle with minor changes in their outfits like wearing a short with a casual look instead of the plain white shorts that was once a tradition.

Now The Sportsmen

Most of the male players in tennis experiment with different shoes on the court, whereas there has been a drastic change in the fashion of women tennis players. Gone are the days when playing tennis meant spandex or plain white tops and shorts. Now women are getting creative and sporty about their dresses on court. Top sports brand are promoting their new lines through these women.

About The Sportswomen

There are instances of female players wearing Colorful and creative dresses that off their feminine side on the court. All these brands are not just experimenting with the boring tee shirts and colors some are even designing customized dresses for famous sportswomen playing in tournaments. In a recent tournament, a tennis player was seen wearing a bright hued girly jacket along with matching top and shorts. Not just the dresses, now these players accessorize accordingly to bring out the look of the dress. Even a few years back, this was unthinkable, but due to media and fashion, now even sports have become a glamorous and trendy affair.

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