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Rockstar working on update to address Grand Theft Auto Online issues

After the disappointing and downside-laden launch of Grand Theft Auto online, many players have complained about quite a few bugs. While some have confronted problems like being left in free-roam mode and not using a mission being available, many others haven’t been ready to even get into GTA on-line, with error messages displaying either “Rock star Cloud Servers Unavailable” or “didn’t Host a GTA on-line Session”. Rock star has announced on its make stronger page that it is engaged on releasing a replace a good way to confidently restore these considerations.

“We’re at the moment engaged on a title update for both play station 3 and Xbox 360 to address often said issues with GTA on-line. We hope to have it out for obtain as quickly as the following day,” says the improve page.


Not enough explosions, obviously

Not enough explosions, clearly

GTA on-line formally went live previous this week. Switching from common GTA 5 to GTA online is inconspicuous—you simply go into character-choosing mode and make a selection the fourth persona within the wheel. Plot-smart, GTA on-line takes position just a few months earlier than the occasions of GTA 5.

Rock star earlier released a statement that hopes to reply to most of the questions which were plaguing avid gamers’ minds ever on the grounds that GTA online was first unveiled. One of these questions has to do with grieving when inviting different players to your home or garage. When anyone is invited, it is thought to be to be a friendly invitation, and hence the invited participant cannot take out a gun to shoot, and even steal vehicles, from the invitee’s home.

To unravel the problem of more than one player owning a house on the comparable position, players have been given the strategy to change to their occasion of the home and their pals’ instance at any moment.

Grand Theft Auto online is a free a part of GTA 5, which is at the moment out on Xbox 360 and ps3 for Rs 2,999. Check up on our review of the one-player a part of the game and stay tuned for our have a look at the multiplayer.