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Rockmelt app comes to Android

Rockmelt app comes to Android

Rockmelt, the iOS app, is now on Android too. The social media web browser has been finally introduced to Android users today.

The application brings the cream of the web, news and blogs to users, and has been customised for Android phones and tablets. Android users can now personalise the app such that it lets them discover and share what’s trending on the Internet.

Screenshots of the app

Screenshots of the app

On the Android app, users will notice that the navigation options show up only when needed. Elevator buttons on the app allow users to get to new content and also go back to where they were. The app, Rockmelt says, can be enjoyed in both landscape as well as portrait views. Additionally, while the app is in English, any site can be added to it with an RSS feed. In addition to that, the app claims to be ad-free, meaning you will be able to view sites in an ad-free view.

Upon discovering trending content, users can share it with their friends within and outside of the app by posting it on Facebook, Twitter, among others.

The Rockmelt Android app is currently up for download on the Google Play store. To be able to use the app, users will need devices running Android 4.0 and above.

Rockmelt for PC and Mac was launched in private beta in Novermber 2010 and was based on Google’s open-source project Chromium. It was in April 2011 that Rockmelt launched for iPhone users, followed by an iPad version the following year.


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