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Robot snake

New Robot  Snake


This giant, slithering robotic snake was being set up next to CNET’s edit trailer in the parking lot at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

A Japanese company unveiled a prototype of a human-shaped walking robot it said will be mass produced for sale at £2,500 [$4,600] by the end of the year.

Details of Robot Snake

Tokyo-based ZMP, which has so far only made robots for research and rental, expects to sell about 3,000 of the new Nuvo model, which will be manufactured by another company.

The manufacturer and sales network have not yet been decided, ZMP president Hisashi Taniguchi told reporters at a Tokyo hall.

Although other Japanese companies, including electronics and entertainment giant Sony and carmaker Honda, have created humanoids, the machines have merely taken part in events and are not on sale for consumers. Sony’s Aibo doglike robot has been mass produced and starts at £400 [$750].

The 15-inch-tall Nuvo walks on two legs, picks itself up when it falls, recognises voice commands such as “advance” and “stop,” and is controlled by remote from a mobile phone. It has a digital camera in its head that relays images of its surroundings to a videophone.

Its developers said Nuvo’s design was kept simple with mass production in mind. While offerings from Sony and Honda resemble a child in their shape and movement, Nuvo has a more mechanical look because its head is lodged into its chest and its arms are steel rods with fingerless balls for hands.


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