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How to Choose the Right Coloured Contact Lenses

Contact lenses don’t just enhance your vision, but can also turn out to be an element or accessory of your personal style. Today, they have become quite popular amongst people as they are available in a wide array of options and colors. With contact lenses, you can enhance the natural color of your eyes, change it completely if you wish or brighten your eyes with shimmer and sparkle. There are natural colors available such as brown and blue or you can also opt for exotic and rare shades such as topaz and violet. Thus, with coloured contact lenses, you can experiment with your appearance. However, you have to choose the right color for yourself in order to do so.

Listed below are some tips you can follow when hunting for coloured contact lenses:

1- Decide if your eye, skin and natural hair color are cool or warm based. This is extremely important in choosing a lens color that will be flattering to your complexion. All skin has a yellow or blue base. You can opt to examine your skin yourself, request a friend to do so or even visit a cosmetic counter for determining your skin tone.

2- Go to your eye-care professional for undergoing your eye exam. Even if no vision correction is needed for you, you cannot purchase contact lenses without a prescription.

3- You can check out the various options available in contact lenses and see samples of each.

4- Match your skin tone with an opaque, coloured lens. A lens with khaki, chestnut, copper or honey tones is ideal for warm-toned complexions. Coloured contact lenses of jade, blue, gray, turquoise or violet work best with cool-toned complexions.

5- Keep your current hair color in mind when you are looking at options in coloured contact lenses. If you have dyed your hair, try matching the contact lenses to your current hair shade. Violet or ice blue lenses look stunning with black hair whereas emerald green or powder blue are great for platinum blond hair.

6- Conduct some evaluations of your personal style to figure out the colors you tend to wear frequently. For instance, if you wear earth tones, choose a lens that works well with colors like hazel, amber or sea green.

7- Opt for coloured contact lenses that brighten your natural eye color rather than changing it completely. Your natural eye color may be the most suitable for your skin tone so you can use contact lenses for adding intensity and drama to your eyes. Your natural tones can be enriched with enhancement lenses without any dramatic changes in color or you can give some subtle sparkle to your eyes with brightening tints that give you an intense look.

You can get a second opinion from your optician or eye-care professional as they are experts in matching faces to lenses. You can also do a trial with some lenses in order to figure out which coloured contact lenses go best with your eyes and skin.