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Review Of HomeLink Garage Door Openers

Let’s consider a scenario: You’ve arrived home after a long trip, the car is cluttered, children are asleep in the back seat, the glove box is stuffed with maps, and receipts are invading every space around the driver. You dive for the garage door opener in the dark.

Suddenly, you remember that you allowed four-year-old Katie to play with the opener as a bribe to keep her from shrieking when you were fifty miles away from home. Where is the garage door opener? Why didn’t the automatic lights at the side of the garage flick on to help you look? Will there be a battery still viable when you do find it?

How much easier would life be if you had a Homelink┬« Wireless remote? They are wired into your vehicle power, so there’s never a dead battery to stop access. The remote can be wired onto the dashboard so it is always accessible from the driver’s seat. The controls come in different colors to match your car’s interior.

These Homelink® Wireless Control Systems by Johnson Controls are the latest in home automation. They can help you control the following utilities by using the three programmable buttons:

Opening Garage Doors
Opening Security Gates
Illuminating exterior and interior lighting
Activate appliances
Disarming your home’s security system

What convenience! Having a lighted garage and entryway upon demand, adjusting the heating or cooling system, deactivating the security system while you’re carrying children, grocery bags, or office files from the car in the garage to the mudroom. You can even keep your gloves on because the buttons are large enough to facilitate ease of use. Of course, you’ll have to find another item to entertain that four-year-old when she’s shrieking because the Homelink systems are installed in your vehicle.

This and other HomeLink products from can improve your convenience and security by seamlessly integrating their aftermarket upgrades with your car’s electrical system. These products can be installed in most makes and models of vehicles available in North America. Instructions for programming are included and easy to perform. People who own these have regarded them favorably.