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Review :- Acer Timeline U3 laptop


Acer’s Timeline U3 is one of the advanced laptops from the company. The best feature of this laptop is Nvidia’s 600M mobile graphics. It is one of the most notable features that are expected to arrive embedded in this device.

This new laptop is out with a lot of specifications as well as features that is expected to make this one of the most sought after laptops in the international market.

Key Features of Acer Timeline U3 laptop:

Core i5 processor with ultra-low voltage

4GB of internal RAM

Resolution of 1,366×768

Thickness of 20mm

15.6 inch display screen

Weight of 2.3kg

GeForce GT640m GPU

Acer’s Timeline U3 ultra book is pretty good for daily computer tasks of users. This laptop is good in advanced applications when integrated with efficient Nvidia graphics. Its Battlefield 3 package helps users in delivering a better experience. The device comes with a DVD optical drive which is good news for movie lovers. Gaming fans can use this option for playing external games.

The implementation of Corei5 processor is expected to provide the device with a faster as well as efficient performance. The device also arrives with a superior screen display resolution which provides users with an enhanced multimedia experience.

Optimus graphics switching technology powered by Nvidia graphics enables users to save their battery. This will result in improved battery life. It’s pretty wide display screen helps users to watch movies and videos with best output. This display screen is best in playing advanced games with good effects and excellent graphics.

Its weight is more than the usual laptops. But the reviewers commented that this laptop can be placed easily within a bag that helps users to carry it with them even during travels.

Chiclet-style keyboard available with this laptop is best suitable for comfort typing. This is quite different from the floating island style used in its previous versions of laptops. This laptop offers portable gaming that too with a sensible budget.

Acer admirers are happy with the innovative product from the company. Acer’s Timeline U3 ultra book will definitely make a mark in the advanced laptop industry. Those who are looking forward to a powerful laptop with good graphics technology can purchase this laptop from Acer.

The releasing date of Acer’s Timeline U3 ultra book is not mentioned by the company officials. Acer fans look forward to purchase this advanced laptop with an affordable price. Acer fans are hoping for more advanced gadgets from the company like Timeline U3 ultra book.

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