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Red Alert: Paid posts can dent your Blog’s SEO


In the recent years guest posting emerged as the most effective technique for search engine optimization. Through the proper guest posting many bloggers have secured top ranking in Google search engine and achieved high Page ranks such as PR 4 & PR 5 for their novice blogs. However if the same guest posting is used in a manner deviating Google’s quality guidelines; then you will find Mattcutts and his team hammering such blogs out of the search engine results. The results of previous two page rank updates (November and February PR updates) assures these viewpoint, however Blogging and SEO experts are of the opinion that Google is going to launch yet another animal update striking paid posts blogs.

Before going to the details let’s check out for what guest posting is meant for? What are the demerits of paid guest posts according to Google Webspam team? And how paid posts can ruin your blog’s SEO?

What guest posting is really meant for?

Guest posting in its true spirits is meant for providing latest ideas & suggestions to the readers of the blogs by the expert writer other than the regular writers of the blog. This cooperative arrangement provides exposure to the guest writer, offers unique ideas to the existing readers (from the new author) and give free content to the blog. However as an acknowledgment to the writing & research efforts; author bio and at least one link is offered to the blog of the guest author. Author bio and links are good return of the writing efforts as the guest writer gets the full credit of the post and required link for the SEO purpose.

In reality Google loves and encourage such guest posting arrangements; however where comes the money involved in the guest posting (paid guest posts) so it violates google’s quality guidelines. Google hates paid guest posting so much that they have open up paid posts reporting for such blogs.

What is the Issue with paid guest posts?

Issue with paid guest posts is very simple. Paid guest posts are considered Spammy because it opens doors for the money to dominate on the web, that google want to discourage. Google wants quality content to dominate on the web that’s why any effort of buying or selling paid guest posts violates google quality guidelines and therefore not suggested to be adopted in any way.


How Paid guest posts can ruin your Blog’s SEO?

Bloggers who have optimized their blog for high search keywords knows the real care & efforts that SEO demands. However all your efforts can harm your SEO (by completely delisting your blog from the search or lowering down its rank for the keywords) when you are get caught by the vigilant Mattcutts and the team.


Mattcutts already clarified the status of paid post many times, however as a warning he blogs about this issue time and again. According to Mattcutts the head of Webspam at google, Paid posts should not affect search engines means that if you accept paid/sponsored posts so it should not allow link juice (In other words links should be offered with No-follow attribute). Further according to Mattcutts all such blogs buying & selling posts/links will be penalized as google is fully committed to make a spam free web.

Recent PR Updates

If you are well connected blogger so you would be well aware of the fact that how google demoted the Page ranks of some blogs and left some the page ranks of some other blogs unchanged (the blog that might had got improved Page rank had they not allowed paid guest posts). I personally witnessed blogs demoted two, three ranks, irrespective of the Optimization efforts they have done between the two PR updates (November-February). These PR updates along the Policy statement from google alerts bloggers to revise their guest posting policy.

Are you Intelligent enough to Bypass google’s quality guidelines?

Many bloggers believe that they are quite intelligent to dodge Mattcutts & team; however it is 101% impossible to cheat them; except you have a Very GOOD Luck. The prevailing idea among bloggers is the unfeasibility for google to differentiate between paid and non-paid posts, however it should be remembered that what seems unfeasible to us is easily possible for the google.

Yes trapping paid posts might not be possible automatically however it is very much possible in a manual way. Who knows Mattcutts tests your hunger by sending emails offering few bucks for the guest post; and you might get trapped in such offer. No matter what method google uses to trap paid posts, as a blogger you need to be more vigilant by looking for the safe & better ways to optimize your blog.

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