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How to recover files from android Micro SD card

Not all smartphone comes with huge storage space of 64GB, so most users take the help of Micro SD cards to expand the storage, so that they can download and store all their favorite apps, music, files, games and everything that they find is important. Low storage space is mainly the problem of budget smartphones and that is the reason an external storage space is provided. The users who cannot afford the high end Android phones with huge storage space can easily make use of the SD card to increase the space and accommodate all their necessities quite comfortably. All said and done, you now have the Micro SD card in place, but what if you delete the files from there or you format it completely, then what? Will you be able to recover files from Android Micro SD card? Yes, there is no need to worry so much about the mishap because now you have different kinds of software available to help you out. You can make use of any one of them and get back all your important files and folders in a jiffy. But, before you try out any software it is better that you do proper research on that, else it might hurt your Android phone badly. If you are not sure about which one will live up to your expectation and serve your purpose, then here is one name that you can trust completely and that is MobiKin Doctor software for Android phones. It is one of the best and is highly reliable as well. You won’t have any problem, in using it because it is easy to use. It is also safe to use. You need not worry about getting your smartphone infected with virus while using it.


Making use of the software

With the help of this software you can perform deep scanning on the external SD card and restore the files on your Android SD card. The MobiKin Doctor for Android will help you retrieve the data without any loss and you will be able to save it in the original format only. The software of MobiKin Doctor is compatible with all the Android devices, starting from Samsung Galaxy Note, LG Optimus, Motorola, HTC One and various other devices. There is a free version available for this software, so if you want to make use of it first, before going for the paid version, then also you can do that. You need to make the Android phone recognized and for that you need to look for the Android version that you have. Depending on that, the procedure of enabling the USB debugging will be different. Once it is enabled, you can get started with the process of recovering the files from the Android Micro SD card. When you press the ‘Recover’ button it will help you save the data on the desktop of your computer. Now, the deleted or the formatted data will be recovered with the help of this software.