Reasons Why You Should Send Flowers to Chandigarh to Your Loved One

Monsoon is already here in India, and Chandigarh has also experienced a few early showers. This season is the most awaited one for many in the city, as around this time, family members get together to enjoy local snacks, chole bhature, Makki-di-roti, cooked at home, and bond over a glass of Lassi. Women in the neighborhood often gossip over household chores, and men are often busy with farming. Thus, it is a moment of social interaction and hard work.

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The rainy season is the period when agriculturists also celebrate the most. It is the perfect time of the year to welcome freshness in others’ lives with floral arrangements. To celebrate the spirit of togetherness this rainy season, surprise your friends and dear ones in Chandigarh with a bouquet and other gifts.

Here is a list of occasions during which you can send floweothers’handigarh to your loved ones:

  • The city has its prime industry, agriculture. In monsoon, the crops are grown the best, and to wish farmers a healthy pasture and production for the year, you can present the friends or family members who grow crops with a bouquet of colorful daisies. Many of the residents have farms and land properties in the region.
  • Chandigarh has produced several famous personalities from the field of sport, such as Kapil Dev (cricket), Abhinav Bindra (Olympic gold medallist in shooting), and Jeev Milkha Singh (professional golfer). Young children often consider them idols and wish to follow their path. To encourage them to excel in sports, you can gift gerberas and floral baskets with a sports kit this rainy season.
  • It is a tradition to provide presents to newly married daughters on Lohri. But, you do not have to wait for that day to arrive; send flowers to Chandigarh to newly married couples on their wedding day or marriage anniversary. Select a few smart-looking Zardozi work dresses and jewelry to gift along.
  • Though the ‘Rose Festival’ is celebrated in February, you can still wish your folks on special occasions with a bunch of red and pink roses. It may be sent on a birthday, anniversary, or important event. You can choose from assorted rose flowers and get the floral basket customized per your needs. Do not forget to attach a personal note to the gift.
  • The Chandigarh Carnival is observed in November. The celebration is known to attract tourists from all over the world. Several cultural performances include traditional dance forms such as Bhangra, Sammi, Sankara, Jhumar, Luddi, Gidha, Teeyan, Gatka, Juli, etc. Fairs and fiesta are common during the carnival. To make the occasion more entertaining, you can convey your well-wishes to the people there with a bunch of lilies and orchids.
  • Since it is monsoon, it is the period to rejoice and celebrate the heavenly showers. Be there be any occasion or not, you do not always need a reason to send flowers to Chandigarh and make someone happy there. You can send a present in the city to your dear ones to bring a smile to their face or to say a random hi and enquire about their health and wellbeing.

Are you prepared to make your loved ones in Chandigarh happy and smiling? Then do not wait any longer; order flower delivery to the city. You can find a reliable florist online or collect from a local flower shop, whichever suits your requirements. Keep a lookout for monsoon discounts, which could be available on internet outlets for flowers, and save more on the purchase.

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