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Reasons to Choose FedEx During the Holidays

The Holiday season is a time bustling with activity. With the introduction and growth of online shopping, sales capacity worldwide has skyrocketed to levels never seen before. It is now possible to send a letter or gift, anywhere in the world, and have no fear that it won’t make it to your destination in time for that special day.

You have no shortage of choices to make during the holiday season. For instance: Where will you buy your Thanksgiving turkey? Who’s house will Christmas be celebrated at this year? How will you get the newly released IPhone wrapped, sent, and received cross-country, in time for the ceremonial opening of presents two days from now? Have no fear. We are here to tell you the top reasons why FedEx should be your number one choice to ship all of your holiday goodies.

FedEx Covers Long Distances

Have you ever wanted to ship a package overseas? Your Great Aunt Ursula is living in the Hawaiian Islands and you need to get her Christmas present to her stat. Fedex can deliver. Your friend from school is currently doing orphan work in Puerto Rico, and you desire to send an orphan basket to help replenish his dwindling resources. Fedex can deliver. No matter your need, Fedex is here to help.

FedEx Was Voted Best Company to Work For

Why not just USE Fedex, when you can work for them? In 2013, Fedex was named in Fortune Magazine’s “Best Companies to Work For”. The company has made this list 11 out of 14 years and was even induced into the Best Companies to Work for Hall of Fame in 2005. Why wouldn’t you want to support a company that obviously treats it’s employees so well? And who knows…maybe that employee discount will give you just enough extra cash to buy something special for the love of your life.

You Can Buy Your Own Route

Fedex is a good company because you can use their services as well as work for them, but what makes Fedex great is that you can buy your own trade route. If being a consumer or an employee just isn’t enough, you have the opportunity to make Fedex your bacon supplier, long term! By buying your own route, you have the opportunity to take your love of Fedex to the next level. If you send a large amount of presents during the holidays, having your own route is the sure fire way to ensure that ALL of your presents get where they need to be, exactly when they need to be there.

No matter your needs, Fedex ensures that you have options.