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A Real Heart Touching Sponsored Video from Kerala


We believe in India there are huge population but what about the family who is not having a single child who would love to hear the word ” Mom ” and ” Dad ” . The human is having the unending sorrows of life when Doctor says that a mother can’t give birth to a child ever.Every people love to have one child to give their love to their small child and spend a little time of their life but God is not the one who would give everything to a family.


If you looked upon a poor family and a rich family there is two thing different one is happy and the other one is money problem.Like in a Rich Family you will notice that there is lack of love and care as both Husband and Wife is busy with their jobs and there is no one to look after with each other for a single moment and in the other hand if you look upon the poor family there is lot of love and care towards their family where both look upon each other and have tears in their eyes for both.

We have come to the review of an Indian Family life where a family who is poor but the head of the family ” Father ” who lost several own child after birth due to Diarrhea and Pneumonia.It is really a sad moment for him to have a live child to stay after 5 years of that child’s age.the last child he gave birth and cried a lot for the child to complete the five years of age and prays to God to save his Child from being caught to Diarrhea and Pneumonia.

The below video shows the real life story of a heart touching moment a family passing with their child :-

Sponsored By Lifebuoy
Please watch it full to understand the feelings of a family and give a clap to the creators who involved in making this short video :-

Client: Unilever Brand: Lifebuoy

Samir Singh,Rohit Bhasin, Myriam Sidibe, Anusha Gupta, Kristine Go, Shalini Seneviratne, Anila Gopal

Agency: Lowe Lintas + Partners

Creative Team: R. Balki / Amer Jaleel / Sagar Kapoor / Garima Khandelwal

Account Management: Virat Tandon / Vinay Vinayak / Rohit Chatterjee / Rohan Fernandes/ Natasha Sunderan

Account Planning: Varsha Chawda / Saji Abraham

Production House – Chrome Pictures Pvt Ltd Mumbai Director – Amit Sharma Producer – Prafull Sharma DOP – Tapan Basu Chief AD – Naved Ahmed Editor – Shekhar Prajapati Music – Clinton Cerejo

Special Support to Lifeboy soap company who bring this special video to all the family people.