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Radio Player For Android By Audials | Review

Your aged quest ends here!

Yeah, you might have been looking for a perfect radio player app that seamlessly stream audio from your favorite radio stations, right?

Then, I am here with a solution. You may be skeptical about what I share due to your previous bad encounters with similar kind of apps.

So, let’s take a close look at Radio Player by Audials to check whether it fits our need or not.

Introducing Radio Player by Audials

Tons of radio players are out there; then what does this Audials do? Are you thinking like this?

I know as I did it too! But a few hours I spent with the app changed my perspective.

Radio Player by Audials is simply an app that helps us flawlessly tune radio stations. You can browse radio stations based on different genre, country, location or even your taste.

If you consider Audials as a mere radio player only, you will be amazed to see it can stream podcasts and play your local music files too.

Now that you have an idea about what Audials Radio Player is, let’s check what else it has got under the belt.

Features of Radio Player

The following are the features, which I felt impressive about the app. I hope you will feel the same.

#1. Hassle-Free Streaming Process

Image 1

Do you want to go through a series of complicated steps to listen to a radio station? I know you don’t.

That’s where Audials Radio Player gets a clear edge as it can start playing your favourite station within three clicks! You heard it, only three!!

#2. Pre-Buffering for Smooth Playback

Pre-buffering is a technique where a video player fetches the media information at the earliest to provide the content later without staggering.

Whenever you choose a radio station, Audials pre-buffer the content (only takes a few moments) so that, you will never face any issues once the playback starts.

#3. PC Syncing

You can download the PC version and, access the last station you listened to on your smartphone with a single click. In order to sync the details, you have to register for an Audials account.

Of course, the app works fine without registering. But for data syncing, you should do it.

#4. Alarm Clock and Sleep Timer

What if you get a chance to be awakened by the music from your favourite radio station? Do you like it?

Well, Audials Radio Player comes with an alarm clock feature using which you can set a radio station as the wake up tone.

Image 2

The sleep timer is for those who use music apps on the bed. You can provide a time for the sleep timer after the same, the app automatically stops the playback.

#5. Equalizer

Image 3

I have already told you that Radio Player by Audials can play your local music. All of us look for certain features in a music player to be used as default one. The equalizer is one such feature.

Guess what? Audials come with an in-house equalizer that sounded pretty well while I used.

#6. Zapping (Similar Stations Advisor)

During the playback, you can switch to a tab called Zapping where the app lists out stations similar to what you are currently hearing.

Image 4

Just tap that Zap button, the station changes at once!

#7. Recording Option

Image 5

Not all of us are online every time and, offline playback is impossible on radio players. But using Audials’ recording option, you can record anything any time. As the recording gets stored in the local storage, you will never find it difficult to open the media file no matter you are online or not.

#8. Ability to Add Your Own Stations

If you don’t find a radio channel on their interface, you can add them on your own. But you need to enter the URL of the radio stream into the given field to succeed in the process.

Image 6

Alternatively, you can search on the regular web browser as Audials opens itself after you click on the radio stream link.

Final Verdict

What do you think now?

If you ask me, I can’t help but vote for Audials as it holds all the features needed for the best Radio Player. Moreover, you can stream podcasts and play music on your device too.

So, what are you waiting for? You know it’s free, don’t you?