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Putting style in narrow women’s shoes

Tall, thin heels have been a fashion show staple for years. Stylish as they might be, some tall heels women wear don’t provide sufficient support for women’s feet, ankles and backs. Signs that shoes aren’t offering enough support are soreness in the foot area, blistering and a feeling of constant pressure being applied to feet. Fortunately, designers are making narrow women’s shoes, including flat narrow women’s shoes, more stylish.

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The growing appeal of narrow women’s shoes

Actress Emma Thompson sent a clear message that flatter shoes are a growing choice for more women when she walked barefoot onstage to accept her Golden Globe award. In her hand was a pair of pumps. Although the shoes were stylish, it appeared as if they weren’t also comfortable as The Guardian reported.

In the place of tall heels are narrow women’s shoes like ballet shoes, spring sandals and classy walking shoes. Designers who have played a role in helping to make narrow women’s shoes more stylish are Alexa Chung, Eric Javits, J. Crew and Jeffrey Campbell. To add comfort to the shoes, some designers use leather as a main material.

Leather, like rubber, is flexible. It allows a foot to move comfortably, giving a shoe the foot’s natural shape, at times causing it to feel as if a woman is barefoot. Buying narrow women’s shoes that are flexible enough to fit comfortably around the natural shape of a woman’s foot might not be a top priority of younger women. However, as women age, their feet start to reshape, making it increasingly important to find shoes that don’t pinch their feet or cause stockings or socks they wear to rub back and forth across their feet, creating discomfort and blisters.

In addition to offering women comfort, narrow women’s shoes are also in style because they look good when worn with narrow legged pants, jeans and wide bottom skirts and dresses that stop at the knee. A good pair of narrow women’s shoes could easily cost $100 or more. From a pricing standpoint, the shoes are similar to the types of modern casual shoes that became en vogue during the 1980s.

The right narrow women’s shoes should be strong and durable enough to withstand miles of walking. To keep from wearing the same shoes day after day, women can mix flat narrow women’s shoes with a pair of wide heels, sandals and a pair of durable boots. Even women under 40 years of age can appreciate a good pair of flat shoes, especially flat shoes that are designed in a style and color they love.

Growing numbers of women wearing stylish casual shoes could eventually help create a different perception of style for teens and young adults. The payoff for this shift could last a lifetime, keeping women from developing foot and structure problems. It could also remove the belief that pain is a part of looking good.

In the pursuit of comfort, women should also consider wearing thin socks or stockings while they step out in narrow shoes. It will offer sufficient cushioning without causing feet to sweat. Also, neutral shoe colors might be worn more frequently than bright, bold colors that only work well with a few outfits. You can learn more at about styles, support and comfort that’s built into narrow women’s shoes by connecting with designers and retailers who specialize in creating or selling stylish narrow women’s that offer more support for certain foot and body types.

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