Punjab Thrashed In Public Allegedly Over Property Dispute

Two ladies had been brutally overwhelmed up by means of a group of fellows over a property dispute in Punjab, police said on Saturday.

A video of the incident, this is being extensively shared on-line, suggests a group of guys abusing, thrashing girls. The women have alleged the accused were supporters of Akali Dal who got here to vandalize their stores in Kotakpura in Faridkot.

Rani, one of the women, stated her husband is the son of her father-in-regulation’s 2d wife. After her father-in-law died, a dispute over property is on between his first spouse’s youngsters and her family. The case is within the court docket.

“When I reached there, I saw that Sukhdev Singh (accused) turned into throwing gadgets out from our store. When I tried to prevent him, he commenced assaulting me and dragged me and my member of the family from the store,” Rani changed into quoted as announcing with the aid of news employer ANI.

“He and his supporters pulled our hair, abused us and hit us badly. When people accumulated around, they ran far from the spot and took cameras from our shop,” she delivered.

According to senior police officer Gurmeet Kaur, the police have filed a case in opposition to the accused under diverse sections of the Indian Penal Code and the Scheduled Cast Act.

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