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Publish a magazine online with

If you are a writer or a marketing expert who want to upload a magazine or eBook online, you probably might want to check out Yumpu. In its basic form, Yumpu is a digital platform for any literature including, but not limited to magazines, ePaper documents, brochures, catalogs and much more. It places the power of digital publishing within your reach.

Why is digital publishing important?

Ever since internet became the next big thing, our lives have changed dramatically. There has been nothing more influenced by the web more than business marketing. Companies who solely relied on newspaper ads, television commercials, radio promos and other conventional modes of marketing only a decade back has now started tapping into the unlimited potential the world of digital publishing offers.

In today’s world, it has become imperative for any business to have a credible online presence. No matter if you are a multinational conglomerate or the newest kid on the block, the internet provides you the most perfect and level platform to exhibit your products and services.

So naturally, the next question arises. What is wrong with the good old pdf files? Where is the need to digitize them? The answer lies in search engine optimization. Anyone with basic understanding of SEO techniques and Google rankings would know that Google doesn’t index pdf files. Therefore, no matter how incredible your online brochure or marketing material is, if it is uploaded as a pdf file, chances are that Google won’t even be aware of its presence.

Advantages of going with a digital publishing platform

Yumpu, a free to use digital publishing platform has well over 20 million active members who regularly upload magazines, brochures etc on a wide variety of genres like fashion, electronics, real estate, beauty products and so on. A lot of people use this platform as their first source of reference before they go ahead and buy something. Therefore, there is a very good chance that the online marketing material you upload can reach a huge customer base.

It allows users to submit their material in a matter of minutes. The highly simplified process has made it possible for even non technical people to use this platform with ease. It can convert pdf into Flipbook thus making it easier for users to access your content. Yumpu is absolutely free and there is no reason why you shouldn’t try it today. The world of digital publishing awaits!