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Top tips to protect your phone and prevent it from cracking

There’s nothing worse than cracking the screen of your phone. For those unlucky people who happen to do this on a regular basis, it can cost hundreds of pounds just to get it fixed. The truth is however, that this simply doesn’t have to be, as you can protect your phone for as little as a few pounds.


So, aside from not dropping it, what are best ways to save your phone screen from scratching or cracking?The Smart Phone Companyshares their top tips:

Choose wisely

For those that want to be ultra-safe with their phones, you can help protect your screens by using styluses and other gadgets that minimize contact with your phone or help you secure it with a full hand.

Keep your phone from other devices

It’s important to know just how much your phone can take, and some say that letting your screen come into contact can damage it. Whether that’s true or not, one thing we’re sure of is that magnets, contrary to popular belief are certainly less likely to damage your phone whatsoever.

Try a silicone cover

Although it might not look as cool with one on, a silicone cover could be the difference between life and death for your phone.

As well as protecting your phone, the cover will also help provide a firm grip while you are holding it and you can buy silicone covers directly for your individual phone model.

Cell phone skins

Although cell phone skins provide minimum protection for droppings and spills, they are great for ensure that at least the back of your phone won’t get scratched or scuffed.

Like silicone covers, skins are available for individual models and look great when they have custom designs and pictures on them.

Try a screen protector

A small slip of film that covers the screen of your phone is great for protecting it against scratches and prangs. Although it might not stop it from cracking in the event of an accident or emergency, they are great for keeping your phone protected in your pocket.

You can buy a stack of these online for around £10.

Full blown phone cases

At the end of the day, there’s simply nothing better than a plastic phone case that you can buy off the street for as little as £5.

By protecting your phone against scratches, prangs and full blown drops, you can look to save yourself hundreds of pounds. What’s more, for just a little more, you can purchase cases that also protect your phone from water damage, so if you’re on a night out or at the pool, you know you’ll be protected against the odds.

And if you fancy a phone case that actually charges your phone from thin air, check out this crazy little gadget.