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Protect your online identity with Spotflux VPN for free

With the technology improvements, data raiders create exceptional malicious programs to steal the online information and it makes the internet users to worry about their online privacy. So, everyone is looking for a safe solution to surf the internet more securely by stopping malware, IP address trackers and mischievous ads. Are you seeking the same to have an enhanced protection while surfing the web? Spotflux is a good remedy as it helps you to protect your privacy data from hackers and other roguish programs.

What is Spotflux?

Spotflux is a VPN service which enables you to browse the internet safely by encrypting and compressing all your data transmissions. So, it offers the best way to protect your internet connection and moreover it performs several cloud-based real-time calculations to act against spiteful programs. This exceptional service works well on the devices like Desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphones.  Moreover at Spotflux you get VPN for free.

How it works?

Spotflux is dissimilar to other complicated VPN services and hence its installation process is a straight forward task. Besides, you need not be a technical person to handle it, as it takes care of all configurations and updates process for you. Just you need to click the “Install” button to fix its custom device driver. Soptflux is transparent with neat interface which has enough setup wizard options for you. After it gets installed, your settings will be changed immediately to follow their secured server networks and it might take few reloads before opening any web page. So now, all you information transmits through Spotfulx servers to scan malware ads &programs and completely eliminates them from your connection.

Best features of Spotflux

Some of the significant features of Spotfulx are:

  1. It is easy to install and simple to use.
  2. Your data would be encrypted and compressed along with large savings of bandwidth.
  3. As it works through cloud, you’re greatly protected against viruses, key loggers and other malware programs.
  4. Your identities willget hide.
  5. You’ll not able to access phishing or infected web pages and exasperating ads.
  6. It is 100% free to use and no strings attached.

Dependability and Privacy of Spotflux

Though the Spotflux has the downsides like random disconnection and slowing down internet connection, it is a smooth and safe service for your daily internet usage. Thus its overall dependability is really good with which you could have a peace of mind from inbound threats.

From the privacy policy of Spotflux, it is clear that they are not collecting any personal identifiable data from its users and it may use the real-time analytics to deliver the most personalized experience and enhanced privacy connection to you.


Even though the internet has renovated the world, the web users might get into the spying activities through information stealing and device damaging. So, if you are searching for the free solution to protect your online identity, Soptflux is the best option. There are plenty of VPN for free service available, but you could have secure web browsing with superior features of Spotflux. Its simplicity, efficiency and straight forward structures would let you to have a good experience with your harmless internet connection. You could try the premium options of Spotflux to surf the web with more security features.