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Protect and Individualize Your Xbox One

Have you ever sat down to consider how many hours you’ve invested in the Xbox One? If you have, then you know how hard that number can be to pin down. True, you can find how long you’ve spent on each game by going through your Game Hub, but chances are you haven’t been counting how long you’ve spent customizing your Xbox One account, making your total time spent a bit of a mystery. All you know is that you’ve invested ages in campaigns, agonizing over which side quests to complete and when. With all of this customization in the games itself, why leave your Xbox One untouched?


Yes, we’re talking about the actual console as it stands in reality. After all, it’s hard not to miss on your TV stand or coffee table in the living room. The little black (or white) box stands out as an eye sore wherever you put it. It’s the focal point for all who enter, whether or not you end up turning it on and playing it. You spent countless hours customizing your Xbox experience. To know that it’s the same console that over 19 million other people share can be devastating.

Your console can be an extension of your gamertag. Just as you spent a while considering your profile name and avatar, you can do the same for your Xbox. And it can be just as simple to do. You can go online (using your Xbox!) to search through the latest Xbox One skins and wraps. These skins cover you controllers, Kinect, and console with pieces of vinyl that can take on your favorite color and texture. When you check out these dbrand skins for your Xbox bright true colors, wood, metal, leather, and carbon fiber are only the beginning. You can mix and match a variety of designs for each piece until you land one that’s perfect for your avatar, your personality, or your home décor.

The choice is yours, but make sure you choose a skin that provides unparalleled fit and protection in addition to style. These two things come hand in hand. Precision cut Xbox One skins cover your console in all the right places, making sure it can stay scratch and grime free without interfering with any of its ports, sensors, toggles, or vents. That way you can continue using your Xbox as you normally do, for as long as you want – however long that may be.