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Why the proper checkout process is so important for Magento store?

Digital era sets forward myriads of shopping opportunities the customers are eager to respond to. The priority of any Magento website is to complete the mission of being a trouble-free intermediate party between a client and a desired product.

Magento platform is a good start for a successful online market invasion.  No wonder so many users choose Magento for creating their stores and conducting their business. Once you are done with catching the public’s attention and heaping praises upon your goods, give a tumble to the convenience of the proper checkout process of your Magento store.

The layout of the Magento checkout page is vital to business success as the survey props up that the passing-by of usability and friendly interface is a bee-line to a harsh shopping cart abandonment level.

Magento goal-oriented approach that holds the keys to boosting the sales rates is conveyed in the following strategy.

1.     Image is everything

Start with brushing the visual material by making it sure that the client is comfortable at accessing a clickable image of the goods he adds to Magento cart. Feel free to provide a zoom button, so there would be more room for reality rather than guesses. Mind that at the final stage of checkout process the icons of all the products chosen should be available as well.

2.     Kiss the “Sing-in” goodbye

Do not forget that timing is not on your side if you still cling to knocking up a customer with either irritating questions about being a regular or even more stressful procedure of a lifelong registration. Upgrade to e-mail recognition or simplify to “guest” checkout at your Magento store.

3.     Progress bar is a must

The checkout page is not a ball park for keeping a customer in suspense. Pay tribute to client’s patience and provide a progress bar which is a nice way to let a customer know what to expect next and how soon the transaction is over.

4.     See it coming: delivery terms

Once the coin hits the bottom of the piggy bank, a customer’s desire to get the purchase right off the bat is obvious. One of the most frequently asked questions is about the delivery options and terms of your Magento store. Inform about the approximate date of delivery on the checkout. It won’t go unnoticed if you provide the information of the delivery in progress.

In case all the hints above seem to you to be not so easy to fulfill, don’t panic. Just try out Magento Checkout Extensions that will help you to bring to life all the pieces of advice above in an easy and convenient way. Boost your customers’ experience and increase your profit with the extension designed for providing the best checkout process.

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