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Promote Your YouTube Video

YouTube has been around since May of 2005 and has grown exponentially since it’s conception. This new generation probably doesn’t remember how people ever learned new things or procrastinated the day away without watching videos. Today YouTube has over 1 billion regular users that watch hundreds of millions of hours of video. Every day there is more than 300 hours of video uploaded to the website. So how do you promote YouTube videos successfully? 

Build your Channel

First you want to start by building your channel. If you already have an established channel you can skip to the next point. Before you create your channel you need to decide what your videos are about. Will you post thrilling content for outdoor adventurists, how to videos for stay at home moms, or funny videos of cats falling into fish tanks? Now you need to set yourself apart, what makes you different or interesting? Once you have decided what makes you special you need to build your brand. Make sure that your profile picture, banner, and description are consistent with the type of videos you are producing. Now you are ready to add substance to your channel. 

Creating Quality Videos 

Having high quality content is a must. No one wants to watch a pixilated video of someone rambling on about how their cat. You want to invest in quality equipment. The difference can be astounding. Even if you are just talking into the camera you want the videos to be clear. Next you should consider writing a script. Even if it’s just a few bullet points on a paper handing from your tripod or computer screen to keep you on track. Once you have your script practice what you intend to say. Sit in front of a mirror and see how your facial expressions will look on camera. Once you feel you are ready, gather all your supplies together and start filming. After you have all your material make sure to edit and add effects to make your video more interesting.

Enticing viewers 

The simplest thing you can do is tag your videos with relevant keywords. This will promote youtube video when people search for those key words. The more videos you upload and add to your channel the better chance it has to be seen. However you don’t want to drown your viewers in content either. You should try to upload at least once a week so your viewers stay interested but not annoyed. You can also put yourself out there and ask people to subscribe; most of the most popular You Tubers add their appeal to the end of each video. Don’t forget to share your video on social media. This is one of the easiest ways to bring viewers to your page. 

Most of all have fun. Viewers can tell if you’re not completely invested in what you’re doing. So get out there, connect with other You Tubers with similar interests. Remember that promoting YouTube videos should also be fun. Keep it light and focused on your content. And don’t forget to be patient. It can take time to build a steady following so don’t get discouraged. In summary, Build your channel, Create Quality contend and promote your YouTube videos.

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