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More Promising New Video Games on Android

The Smartphones are much awaited by tech lovers. It does not only make calls and send texts all over the globe, but also does various other tasks as well. It can download favorite recipes, latest books and the most outstanding feature about a Smartphone is that it helps one to stay connected to social networking sites too. One can update Facebook up to 19 times in a day, without facing any sort of difficulties. One can execute almost all the virtual tasks with the help of the phone itself. If you are a game lover then android is just perfect for you. Playing games on your android mobile phone is just superb and you will surely get addicted to it.

Here are few most promising video games that you can enjoy on android:


The game Ikaruga is quite an innovative one. It has made people leave the Xbox live arcade and join android game market. Ikaruga is one of the most successful games in Android because it consists of the flawless user interface along with informative graphics. The game features about entering in a city of landscape and using a protective shield which would help one to resist blows to the ship as well as emanate fire and destroy foes.

Dungeon Quest

One of the main thing over which the developers are focusing nowadays, is developing on the experience and not the looks. One of the most promising PC games is dungeon quest and Android is something which makes it all the more amiable. The current beta format promises the Android users with further development in the game. It shall provide the users with the ability to collect stolen money or goods with the aim of becoming most powerful wizard in order to combat with the evils.

Bacteria free edition

Bacteria free edition is a typical retro style game series. The game comprises of the foe bacteria which goals to destroy the cells of the player, much similar to ones real life. The game gradually builds up after each sixty seconds. One has to protect the cells for sixty seconds in order to reach the next level. As the level of the game rises, bacteria become all the more swift and furious.

Moonlight runner

One of the main reasons behind constantly downloading android games is that they are addicting. The developers of moonlight runners have made an effort to formulate a remedy for this. They have offered the release of new levels of this game each week thereby turning it to be unending. The game comprises of gathering some objects along with avoiding enemies. The graphics are interesting and dark in colour with the sound of the guitar as the background music.


Ironfell is yet another game which is incredible. The game is built up using experience and not by just observing the trend. It resembles quite a lot to the famous game called Minicraft. Minicraft is one such game in which the player can build up anything he wants using simple blocks. Ironfell have no boundaries unlike Minicraft had. The best part about the game is that the user can utilize his imagination up to his capability.

The games released are enjoyable for years to come. There shall be changes ahead in future; only if the next generation is also addicted alike the present one. Today you have so many android gadgets available in the market that makes your choice hard which one to go with so as to enjoy these superb games. Smart guy and girls look for gadget reviews online and then select the best gadget as per their need and pocket. If you had not yet experienced android for playing games then it is the time to go for it today and enjoy your gaming to its fullest.