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Are you Pregnant? Here is what you should eat

Now that you are carrying the responsibility for two, you must eat only healthy and nourishing food. However, even if you are taking A-to-Z vitamins and mother-lode of minerals in your diet, you may become skeptical and think that something is lacking in your diet.

Pregnancy appears like a nerve racking responsibility especially when you find that there is so much confusing and conflicting information in the market. Don’t worry! We are there to help you out. Go through our below mentioned list of best foods that must be consumed during pregnancy, and know about their various good effects.

Eggs: Do you know that eggs carry only 90 calories but give you lots of proteins and 12 kinds of vitamins and minerals? A pregnant lady needs lots and lots of protein to build the baby’s cells and for own needs. Eggs contain Choline and Omega 3 Fatty Acids which help in overall growth and healthy development of the brain. Any pregnant woman with normal cholesterol levels can have an egg or two daily.

Sweet Potatoes: The Carotenoids in sweet potatoes converts into Vitamin A as and when required. Apart from that, they are a rich source of Vitamin C, Folate, and Fiber. Again, Vitamin A is an essential nutrient for pregnant ladies. So, consume sweet potatoes as much as you can.

Beans: Fiber and protein can be the best friends of a pregnant woman. Beans of all types such as navy beans, lentils, black beans, pinto beans or chick peas, etc., have lots of fiber and protein. Fiber also helps in easing the gastrointestinal tract movements which ultimately ease up your constipation and hemorrhoids.

Yoghurt: who doesn’t love yoghurt? If you get to know about the rich nutritional value of this yummy element, you will love it more. A cup of it is packed with calcium, protein and folic acid. Take it plane, make its dips or smoothies or blend it with any fruits, the choice is yours! Further, the good bacteria in Yoghurt prevent your stomach from upsetting every now and then, and save you from visiting a gastroenterologist again and again.

Pick Green: Right from our childhood, we are bored of hearing that “you should eat green vegetables, they are healthy”. Now, the time has come to follow that. The richness of folic acid, iron, vitamin A and calcium can be best found in green vegetables like spinach. Iron and folic acid are something which your baby needs for the blood cells formation.

Nuts: All types of Nuts are chock-full of important minerals such as copper, manganese, magnesium, selenium, zinc, potassium and calcium. Apart from these, their high fat content makes them perfectly suitable for a pregnant lady. Among all nuts, walnuts are the best as they are richest source of plant based Omeag-3s. Use handful of them as an on-the-run snack.

Avocadoes: They are delicious! They are healthy. They give you folic acid which is helpful in the development of the baby’s brain and nervous system. They are a rich source of Vitamin B6 which is again helpful in the growth and development of baby’s tissues and overall body. However, those who gain weight quickly must eat them in moderation.

Oats: The whole grain oats and other whole meals like popcorns are best for pregnancy. They contain loads of fiber, vitamins and iron which ensure healthy development for you and your baby.

Read it? Of course, this is not enough. This is just a small list. There are many other nutritional overachievers to pick from. All in all, eat healthy, eat right and listen to your gynecologist.

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