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Posting pictures on Facebook and Twitter un-Islamic, say Lucknow clerics

Social networking internet sites obviously should not have the approval of non-secular clerics. A couple of distinguished Islamic assist-traces based totally out of Luck now are asking their young callers to avoid social networks.

It has been reported that these widespread help-lines run for Shia and Sunni Muslims were flooded with cellphone calls, enquiring about the nature of social networking web pages like Facebook and Twitter. The in style consensus of the assist-strains had been that having virtual profiles and posting footage on them is usually un-Islamic.

Posting photos un-Islamic? (Image credit: Getty Images)

Posting images un-Islamic?

“that you can’t see any individual’s face on Facebook and make a decision that you want to be pals. Search for ‘par air cohabits’ [love] in real existence. digital relationships aren’t ‘faydaymand’ [profitable],” Sunni Mufti Abu Iran Animal Halima Firing Mali advised the PTI.

The Mufti stated that he encouraged children calling in enquiring about social networking web pages to make pals in actual lifestyles and no longer online. He is especially assertive that women will have to now not put up pictures of them online. “girls should now not publish footage on Facebook or any place else on the internet. That is un-Islamic,” the Mufti said.

The Mufti used to be joined in his view by means of Mauling Safi Abbas Navy from the Shia sect. He explains that considering that ladies in Islam are not allowed to show their faces to someone apart from women and men within the domestic, posting photos of themselves on fob and Twitter is haram or banned. Malian Navy advocates the hijab and hiding of faces in public but believes this is not too harsh. “we’re liberal. We are not Taliban-minded. When kids ask us if they can have a Facebook or Twitter profile, we permit that. But the Sharia [Islamic law] does no longer enable girls to submit photos,” he defends.

alternatively, opinions over photos on the internet are divided within the neighborhood. Hindustan times reports that the outstanding Shia cleric Ali Nassir Syed Abaqati alias Agha Roti says that the open face is not un-Islamic and that one will have to preserve up with altering times. Technological developments must be adopted for a better quality of existence, he mentioned, adding that a picture on the web of a Muslim girl with no hijab was once no longer un-Islamic. Another Shia cleric Kalbe Jawed, though, mentioned that if these photos have been being allotted amongst ladies themselves, it was once okay. Footage being used to attract boys had been un-Islamic.

certainly, social networking websites are a sour subject inside Islam. As Mufti Mali concluded, “there is a hadith (a announcing of Prophet Mohammed) that after the sector is nearing its end, devil will spread lies inside minutes. We’ve got considered rumors being circulated on the web in no time. It’s best to stay away from the digital world.”