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Popular TV Shows and Their Online Gaming Spinoffs

A T.V or game show, can be a television program in which contestants may include celebrities and television personality taking part in a game. In those, they are required to solve puzzles, do certain activities, or answer particular questions so as to win prizes or money. In most game shows, contestants may be invited if they are selected from a pool of public applicant and usually compete against other players or teams. T.V game show are highly popular with the audience around the world, and these shows can reward the winning contestants with various prizes which may include cash prizes, holiday trips, and goods and services provided by sponsors who at the same time benefit of advertisement in those shows.

Some popular T.V shows that have encountered huge success around the world, and phenomenal T.V ratings include Deal or No Deal, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, The Chase, Countdown, Strictly Come Dancing, Mastermind, The Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune, and Jeopardy. These high rated show are known worldwide and exist in various formats in different countries. Their success has been advantageous to online game developers as well who took the opportunity of the high ratings of these show to convert them into online games.

For example, Pawn Stars is an American reality television show based on the family business known as World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. This show is about the interaction of the family member with customers, where they discuss the historical background and value of artifacts that these customers want to sell or pawn. This T.V show has been converted into a 5 reel 30 pay line online slots game called Pawn Stars by Bally Technologies, in which players will find the characters of the show and can win huge amount by buying, selling or negotiating just like in the real T.V show. Players can find this online game at the online casino called Spin and Win.

The Pyramid is an American television game show that has also been converted into highly popular slots game such as 50,000 Pyramid Slots and 100,000 Pyramid Slots,both of which may be found at Spin and Win Casino as well. The original T.V show Pyramid, is a game where contestants team up with a celebrity and they attempt to guess words and sentences given to them by their team mates. IGT has been inspired by the huge success of this T.V show and has created their slots game version where players can find symbols that are associated with this game.The concept of the game is similar to the original T.V game show where players can win up to the indicated amount.

Deal or No Deal is another T.V game show of chance and nerve where a contestant is presented with a number of sealed boxes or suitcase based on its format in different countries, and these boxes/suitcases have randomly assigned amount of money inside which is not revealed until the end of the game. There is a banker in this game who makes a deal for a prize to the contestant which can be higher or lower to the amount found in the box. This game as well has been developed into several online video games. The UK version has been converted into a mobile game by Gameloft, and this game features the same format and rules as the T.V game show.

Likewise many other online gambling and gaming site have adapted various T.V shows and created fantastic online games which are as popular as the original shows.

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