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Popular Apps for iPhone


The iPhone is one of the best inventions to come out of the Apple Company, giving users a compact device which carries the same quality and attention to detail that they have experienced on a Macbook or iPad. To make this experience even better a host of apps have been created to explore the features of the iPhone. You can also buy cheap iphone from ipad accessories from which is best online megastore to buy products at affordable price.

Camera+        (£0.69/$0.99)

All the iPhones especially the latest iPhone 5 come with great inbuilt camera and its app. But it’s a standard app and to bring in more variety in photography, an additional app like Camera+ is required. It’s a paid app but if you’re someone who spends more time clicking pictures with their iPhone than calling, then it’s worth shelling out the price. It provides image stabilizer, timers and decent zoom, with touch exposure, cropping and effects to make every picture look like a professional’s work!

Ecoute for iOS            £1.99

Ecoute has been very popular on Mac and now an iOS app has been launched as well. It is a minimal design music player that has been appreciated for its easy access to the playlist and lets you share tracks on social networking sites. It allows you to swipe in order to skip or return to songs and also go back to the main screen. It also shows you the lyrics of the song as it collaborates with LyricsWiki.


You’ve heard of many remote access apps that let you view and edit files from your phone but controlling your PC or Mac to run any application as if you’re sitting in front of it is a wholly different thing! Not only is it free and lets you access your files from anyplace using Wi-Fi/3G but you can install it on as many computers you want and control their functioning from practically anywhere! This app lets you run various applications from your iPhone and you can also fix computer problems on your PC. This award winning app is a must-have!

Tiny Wings

When we watch eagles soaring through the sky on TV we feel as though we’re flying because of the bird’s eye view. To bring that feeling back an app called Tiny Wings has been released. Using tapping to direct the bird to complete the different levels and tasks that appear this game lets you feel like you’re on top of the world! It’s a simple app packed with a lot of fun that you can save and play on another iPhone or iPad with iCloud support. No wonder it was the iPhone Game of the Year!

Ridiculous Fishing                   £1.99 ($2.99)

This is an app that’s quickly becoming an addictive iPhone game. The name is quite apt for the game’s purpose. What you have to do is lower the fishing line into the water as deep as you can and once you get to the fish, the line pulls up all the fish and as they are thrown into the air, you have to try and shoot as many as you can! Shooting lets you win cash to get better gun and fishing equipments. The app mixes fishing with bird hunting, ridiculous fishing indeed!


Using the iPhone 5 and a host of these apps I can play video games; work on my computer files; listen to music and lots more. Latest apps are changing the way we work, relax or play!

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