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Pop Ads by : New Website Monetization tool is one of the most popular URL shortener which pays decent CPM to publishers which helps in making extra bucks every month without any extra afford. Internet is separately a new world with lots opportunities, scam & other stuffs. is a big opportunity for active internet users around the world to make extra bucks using this platform. It is not a quick rick platform but it is just a platform which can help you make decent extra money from it without any extra hard work. Everyone of us uses internet for interacting with friends via emails, social media platforms or any other online community. We share various links for some requirement or for fun, same links if you shorten the link and share you can earn money for the same reason.

Even for website owners it is a good opportunity to earn extra revenue from website. This platform has enabled feature for website owners to monetize their blog using this platform and earn extra 50-100$ every month from the same existing traffic of the website.

Will Pop up Ad help publishers to make more money?

Pop up ads are not user friendly because it is considered as disturbing and irritating for users, which has to be skipped by the website users. But if we consider in publishers point of view the pop up ads are extremely beneficial to increase the earnings with the same traffic up to 30-50% boost up in the total revenue.

Overall Pop-up ads can increase users earnings due to which it is highly recommended for existing users to turn on the pop-up ads option for enabling the newly launched features.


Steps to Enable Pop up Ads for websites:

To enable Pop up ads for URL shortening. Kindly follow the below mentioned step in sequence :

1. Sign up for if you haven’t signed up yet & if you are already an existing user you have to just login to the existing account.

2. Now, after you successfully signed up or logged in, kindly go to tools.

3. Now, you will see a list of options scrolled down below the tools menu bar, kindly click on website monetization.

4. Now, you will turn the pop up option ON and click on the generate script option.

5. Now, copy the code/script generated and paste that on your website.

6. It is successfully done, Now you have to simply wait for between 1-24 hours to start experiencing the new features enabled.


These are the simple steps to enable the newly launched Pop up ad option by There are many URL shortener sites who actually promise to make good payment with decent CPM rates, but most of the URL shortener are worthless using it.

You cannot consider it as your main source of earning but if you are looking to increase your revenue you should consider making use of Pop up ads.

Best Thing about :

The best monetization option I like about this is that, it allows you to monetize your website with their ads, even when the users are exiting from your website. So I personally consider it as the best monetization method because one user is already going out of your site and if you monetize at that moment it won’t affect any user interface while using your site and you get paid for the same.

Overall has become one of the popularly used URL shortener platforms since 2014; it is consistently growing with its high CPM pays for users as well as its awesome referral program which is highly beneficial for publishers. Kindly share your experience about the URL shortener after using it newly launched features.