Polytechnic University of Milan – A Center of Innovation

International academic institutions worldwide are attracting the best minds and helping solve the planet’s problems. One little-known educational mecca is in the heart of Northern Italy in Milan. The Polytechnic University of Milan has been making strides since its founding in 1863 and stands to help researchers, scientists, and innovators progress in various industries. Here are some areas where this academic center shines.

Polytechnic University of Milan – A Center of Innovation 1

Renewable Energy

The Polytechnic University of Milan is at the forefront of research into renewable energy. As one of the leaders in nuclear power in the 20th century, the university is now looking into new energy technologies that harness sustainable resources, such as wind and solar. The university offers several graduate degrees in sustainable energy to help meet the needs for resources from the world’s population.


Since 1865, the university has also offered students strong architecture programs. Students worldwide can take in some of the most impressive examples of historical architecture in Milan and surrounding areas of Italy. They can then look toward the future and dream up ideas to help produce stronger and more durable buildings for the world.


Students involved in the engineering department at the Polytechnic University of Milan also have access to some of the world’s top facilities. The department offers numerous programs in chemical, civil, mechanical, and other types of engineering. The university has the top-ranked program in the country and works towards solving unique engineering problems in the industry.

Business Innovations

At the Polytechnic University of Milan, students can also study business-related issues in the Business Science program. They can work under the guidance of top minds in the field, such as top Italian scientists, and discover theories in management and statistics. Great educators also offer opportunities beyond the classroom, such as membership in committees, internships, and organization participation.

International Education

Finally, for European students and others who want to go beyond Italy’s borders in their studies, the university has several partnerships that help make that possible. Students can earn credit and experience with an international study program through their home university and study in China and the United States of America.

The Polytechnic University of Milan’s name may not be well known to the international academic community yet, but this university aims to change that. This top spot for research, learning, and innovation continues to show why it’s a player on the world’s educational stage.

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