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Plugins and widgets you should be using in WordPress

wordpress_pluginNo doubt, you see plenty of choices when it comes to widgets and plugins for your WordPress page. Not only can you call for subscribers, manifest tag clouds, and post your tweets, you also have a handful of options for display style of all of these gems.

Before we tell you about some of the cooler ones we’ve seen lately, let’s clarify the differences between a plugin and a widget, because a widget is a plugin, but a plugin isn’t a widget.

Confused yet ?

Widgets are quicker to explain. They’re the plugins you can drag and drop from the backend into your sidebar of your WordPress page. Basic widgets include a search box, category section and subscriber box. They make up the all-important sidebar that allows readers to navigate and interact on your site.

Plugins are software scripts that add function to a page. Some are on the page; others are back-end. Front-end examples are contact form generators and post sharing buttons. Others on the back end improve SEO and Adsense placement, especially when you’re browsing with Century Link Internet.

Which are the best options, though, for your WordPress plugins and widgets ?

We’d like to tell you about three plugins and three widgets that recently caught our eye.



Price: Free for personal blogs; subscriptions required for business and commercial sites

This plugin monitors your comments to filter out spam. It checks comments against the Askimet Web service and separates them into a spam category. It includes a comment history so you can analyze those stopped or allowed, and gives moderators approved-comment count for each user.

Ninja Popups for WordPress

Price: $18

Gain subscribers and social signal. It’s effective, but it is a pop-up, which has a tendency to turn off some readers. This one is professionally crafted, though, to turn visitors into subscribers. You choose what they’re action will be – to offer email address, etc. Content is locked until they share.

Sidebar & Widget Manager for WordPress

Price: $15

Manage which widget shows on which categories, pages or posts. You can also create unique page layouts with widgets using a shortcode system. You can drop widgets into the page content areas of your blog, too, with horizontal or vertical alignment. There is no coding required to use this plugin.


Top 10

Price: Free

This widget counts your individual post and page views daily and overall. WordPresson its own will not count page views. You can choose to show page views on each post, and/or a list of most popular posts as far as page views go. Configure all setetings from within WordPress’ Admin area.

X-hanch – My Twitter

Price: Free

Shows your latest tweets, replies, direct messages, or, not show them. You get to decide. Customize it for the sidebar, page or post. It allows page administrators to post a status or tweet directly from the site, or automatically tweet a freshly published page or post. Includes intensive cache system.

YouTube Channel

Price: Free

The latest YouTube video for your own YouTube channel – or any other you choose – is displayed in your sidebar with this widget. It comes with options for display and frequency. You can include a link to your YouTube channel, too. Options include enable autoplay, hide video controls and show video title.