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PlayStation 3 digital download edition of Grand Theft Auto 5 faces streaming issues

Remember the streaming issues plaguing the Xbox 360 version of Grand Theft Auto 5 when you install the Play disc to the HDD? It seems that, the same issue has manifested itself in a unique kind on the ps3 version of the sport. Do not be disturbed should you personal the disc, though. This most effective appears to affect people who picked up the play station Network model of the game. Euro gamer did a few exams where it when put next the disc version and the digital obtain model of Grand Theft Auto 5.Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry examined the hole cut scene of GTA 5, as well as exact game play. Right through the outlet cut scene, ground textures pop in 1/2 a 2d late and shadow maps and minor objects like grass load too late. In the game play, concerns handiest seem to pop up when you find yourself touring ultra-fast in the course of the streets. Textures on constructions pop in a bit of late, and at one level, a complete building started flitching out.


This is possibly because of the streaming technology that Rock star has employed with GTA 5. The extra bandwidth afforded from streaming from both the disc as well as the HDD appears to be better for the game when compared to simply streaming from the HDD. This is particularly unhealthy because the digital liberate of GTA 5 is dearer than the retail unencumbered. Grand Theft Auto 5 has been quite successful. Rock star’s father or mother company Take-Two Interactive revealed that the game sold the absolute best collection of copies on day one in the historical past of the corporate and the franchise. the game hit stores a couple of days ago on ps3 and Xbox 360, and managed to make $800 million worldwide (not counting Brazil and Japan, the place the sport hasn’t been launched but) on the first day itself. GTA 5 is at the moment out on play station 3 and Xbox 360 for Rs 2,999.