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3 Steps to Planning a Romantic Wedding Celebration

Planning a romantic, intimate wedding is very possible. There are just a few choices to be made. When you plan your small wedding, you can save money on renting a smaller venue and by inviting less people. Then, you can use that money to decorate your beautiful celebration area.

Shrink Your List

Make out the usual invitation list; then cut it in half. If you need to, cut it in half again. Make sure you are only inviting those people who are the most important to your lives. You can start by only inviting current friends. Real friends. Facebook besties are not real friends.

The hardest part may to be limiting the number of people each set of parents can invite. But, you really have to set limits. You can give each set of parents a very specific number of invitations; do let them know this is the same number that each set received.

You also need to limit the number of people that are allowed to bring a date. Don’t just feel bad for people and include “and date” out of pity. There is a general rule to be followed as far as inviting dates; you need to invite any significant others who live together or have been a known couple for a long time. What exactly is a long time? That’s up to you. You may want to let it be known that if anyone has been together for less than a year, they aren’t going to have the “and date” option, unless of course, there is suddenly an engagement between the two.

Book a Small Location

For a truly romantic wedding, you want a small, intimate feeling. That can be created both indoors and out. And, don’t think that because a venue has a ton of space you can’t book it. Book only the amount of space you need. If you are only inviting 75 guests, you needn’t have a hall that seats 500. That’s a waste of space and money. It also makes people uncomfortable. Look for a space that offers exactly what you need in terms of numbers.

Set the Stage

Lighting is everything. The absolute easiest way to set a romantic stage is to use candles; you need lots and lots of candles. Technology has given us safe candles that we can group with dried flowers and fabrics to create beautifully romantic tablescapes. The great thing is that today’s battery operated candles are a vast improvement over the originals, and are so similar to real candles, they trick the eye very easily.

Clustering the candles gives them more power. You can float them in bowls or use mismatched candlesticks to give height to an area. If your reception is outside, put tea lights in little glass globes and hang them from tree branches.

Pair the candles with fabrics in one color scheme for real romantic presence. Sheer fabrics always lend romance, wherever they are used. One truly romantic choice is all white fabrics of differing patterns and texture, paired with white candles and old-fashioned pink roses in simple clusters.