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Places to visit while in Theatre Land


Planning to visit Theatre Land in London? Theatre Land is considered to be London’s main theatre district and contains approximately forty different venues for guests. Located in the west end of Central London, there are a range of shows that are predominantly musicals, middle-brow plays, classics and comedy performances to choose from. Theaterland has The Strand to the south, Regent Street to the west, Kingsway to the east and Oxford Street to the north. Among the most prominent theatres are Drury Lane, Shaftesbury Avenue, The Apollo Victoria Theatre and The Strand . According to Wikipedia, this theatre district can be compared to New York’s Broadway, since it represents the highest level of commercial theatre in London. If you are planning to visit London and see these iconic theatres, a good idea is to get your tickets booked in advance for special discounts, since the prices could be pretty steep. Also, the rush for tickets increases as the day of the play comes closer. A good idea for tourists is to look for budget & cheap London hotels so that they can invest their money in a theatre act that they want to see rather than paying high rates for a hotel room.

Recommended Attraction

A hotel such as Comfort Inn Kings Cross, located strategically for easy access to the best tourist attractions in the city is a great choice of budget hotel near Theatre Land London. Since there may be hundreds of long plays running every second day, it may get a little confusing to decide which one to see. The first place to head to could be the Phoenix Theatre. Rather than watching the shows, proceed to the left and go down the staircase to the Phoenix Art Club. The art club is an exclusive membership area but first time visitors are welcome without a membership. At this club, you get a chance to rub shoulders with the brightest and biggest names of the theatre industry in England.

Alternate Attractions

Apart from the Phoenix Theatre, you can also venture out to new theatres that revolve around young concepts and ideas. While there are ample events and classics that have become staples, venturing out to a new venue could be a better move. From intellectual to comical and musical, there is everything here. There is even the longest running play ever in history, The Mousetrap, that is a must watch. Other areas and theatres worth visiting include The Women in Black and Spamalot. After watching a few shows you could head out to grab a meal at one of the various restaurants and cafes. There are jazz bars and night clubs, where you can sip on a few drinks and have a good time. While it may suit you well to have a complete itinerary for the day set up in advance, the glitz and glamour all around the world’s most famous theatre district will surely keep you occupied. You can simply walk about the district and you will find ample things to do. Since this area is open till late into the night, it is a good idea to look for a budget & cheap London hotels close by for accommodation.