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When it comes to lab work and science, you should rest assured that accuracy has been deemed of great importance. It would not be wrong to suggest that accuracy would begin by having correct calibrated pipettes. You would come across various Pipette Calibration plans made available to meet a wide variety of needs for various kinds of labs. It would be imperative for you to be aware of the level of pipette calibration you would specifically need for your lab. It would be pertinent to choose the correct plan in order to meet your particular needs and requirements.

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You should rest assured that all scientists and labs would need accuracy from the pipettes. However, a majority of them would need to be highly rigorous in complying with the regulatory standards, as compared to others. There would be several options made available providing you with various kinds of pipette calibration levels of service. They would also be offering pipette repair service as well.

Find below few ISO accredited pipette calibration plans. These would come equipped with customized options as well. It would be inclusive of

  • Verification
  • Calibration
  • Calibration Plus
  • Accredited Plus

Let us delve in them in detail.

  • Verification

The most basic option made available – verification, weighing 4×2. It would be inclusive of pipette calibration, complimentary paper report, calibration label, pipette management tool, automated email reminders for upcoming calibration service date and online retrieval of data reports. It would be pertinent to mention here that it would not be inclusive of preventive maintenance or data as received.

The pipettes have been confirmed to be adhering to or out of the specifications of the manufacturer. It would be designed in an environmentally controlled facility. It would be yet another cost-effective mode to acquire a due date for pipette calibration or for the brand new pipettes that you have purchased recently.

It would be the best option made available for you, provided you only encompass new pipettes. However, these brand new pipettes would need a due date for pipette calibration or if you were looking forward to demonstrating your pipettes to be well within the manufacturer’s specifications somewhere in between the calibration cycles of the pipette.

  • Calibration

After verification, you would step further to calibration. It also weighs 4×2 along with preventative maintenance. It would be inclusive of pipette calibration, preventative maintenance, complimentary paper report, calibration label, pipette management tool and online data reports retrieval along with automated email reminders for the calibration service due date. It may not be inclusive of data as received.

It would be pertinent to mention here that pipettes would undergo preventive maintenance before being calibrated to specifications of the manufacturer. You should rest assured that preventative maintenance would be replacing parts proactively. It has been believed to fail prior to them affecting the overall performance of the pipette. Several pipettes made available have been out of tolerance fail. The major reason would be worn out preventative maintenance parts. It would be ideal for pipettes that have been utilized in a routine manner in various labs and scenarios where you may look forward to extending the long life of the pipettes.

  • Calibration Plus

Calibration Plus has been deemed the second most important level made available for pipette calibration. It would not be wrong to suggest that it has been the most purchased option by various customers. It comprises 4×2 as found weighing along with 4×2 as left weighing along with preventative maintenance. It would be inclusive of the following:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Data as received
  • Pipette calibration
  • Complimentary paper report
  • Calibration label
  • Automated email reminders for calibration service due date
  • Online data reports retrieval and pipette management tool

Pipettes would undergo verification first. It would be followed by calibration and preventive maintenance. Making use of this plan, you would be able to show that the pipettes have been well within the calibration range prior to undergoing calibration and preventative maintenance. It would offer you with additional confidence in various kinds of results acquired by using the pipettes until the calibration time. On the other hand, in event of your pipettes being out of tolerance, it would be in your best interest to adjust upcoming calibration intervals to be relatively close.

Such a plan has been deemed perfect for labs where you would be required to verify the pipettes in the lab during the calibration cycles. It would be pertinent to mention here that labs should be audited, manufacturing, CLIA, or GLP labs. On the other hand, if you were getting odd results, it could be accredited to having incorrect volumes.

  • Accredited Plus

The accredited plus has been deemed as the highest level plan. It would also be a highly strict plan made available comprising of 4×2 as left weighing and 4×2 as found weighing along with preventative maintenance. It would be suitable for laboratories needing strict levels of pipette calibration.

The aforementioned pipette calibration services have been largely customizable respective to your SOPs. You should look forward to having the best plan that would be able to customize all kinds of service to conform to your specific lab SOP.

Avoiding common errors

Accuracy and repetition have been essential in various kinds of lab settings. That has been the major reason why pipette calibration lab would strive to cater you with adequate precision suitable to your specific needs. Moreover, you should also ensure several steps that your team could take assistance to ensure accuracy.

Find below a few important aspects to consider getting accurate results.

  • Using a proper pipette for performing tests
  • Considering the environment where you would perform the tests
  • Taking good care of your pipettes

These three aspects would be essential to help you derive accurate results every time. It would be imperative that you do not spend your money on invalid calibrations. You should ensure that your pipette service provider has been providing you with calibration level to make your investment and efforts in servicing worth the trouble. You should examine the calibration certificate in order to make sure they meet your specific needs.

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