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Best Partition Tool For Windows 8 Partition Manager is a Windows essential utility that allows you to extend or create partitions, solves low disk space problems and manages disk space easily. Most of the users online recommend this partition manager because it is free, easy to use and allows implementation of professional and reliable disk management. A perfect tool to partition and merge the volumes without any confusion and complexity. Very easy to perform the task, easy to understand and user friendly interface.

For example, you need to create 10GB partitions and then merge them into 20GB ones, EaseUSpartitionmanager is the best tool to do this job easily within seconds. It’s better than Windows 7 or windows 8 disk manager.

Advantages of this partition manager

1. You can easily create, delete,resize/move,merge,split, wipe or format partition to make it better use of hard drive capacity.

2. If you have accidentally removed any data!! You can recover the lost data using EaseUSpartition manager.

3. Compatible with Windows OS based on GPT drive and UEFI/EFI boot, especially for Windows 8.

This EaseUS Partition Manager has two products,

Ease US Partition Master Free

This is a free partition manager that allows you to create or delete volumes and solve any other problems while making partitions.

Download EaseUspartion Master Free

Ease US Partition Master Professional

This is a paid partition manager,the purpose for the usage of this software is same. But it adds up with some additional features when compared to the free one like –

-Resize/Move partitions to avoid data loss, like extending NTFS system partition without reboot to maximize PC performance.

-Safely merge two adjacent partitions into a bigger one without data loss.

– Fast file-by-file copying.

– Supports FAT, NTFS, EXT2 & EXT3 partition recovery.

– Partition Recovery Wizard to recover deleted or lost partitions.

– Split a partition for b usage, one for system and another for data.

– and much more ……

Download EaseUS Partition Master Professional     

My Opinion

I used Ease Us partition master professional and it’s a much needed utility for my windows 8, the windows8 disk manager doesn’t have all the features when compared with this professional software for making partitions and merging it perfectly. I can perfectly say that this software is best for partition and other stuff.

I find this one user friendly and it makes my work faster without any complexity and errors. It takes care of everything.

I truly recommend this software!!