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Pantech Discover–The New Discovery in Android

Pantech’s name is not heard like the other manufacturers in the market. They are a Korean smartphone manufacturer, and they have been making some high end smartphones lately. Yes, they are late to enter the stream but finally they are into something that deserves attention. Their previous smartphone Pantech Flex HD was impressive too, but had some mistakes which they have corrected in this phone. Looking at the price and specs sheet of this device we felt that this device will certainly be one to compete against the market titanium devices.

If you are presently an AT&T subscriber and want a phone for only 50$, you don’t need to look much. Here is the Pantech Discover, waiting just for you. Even if you want a powerful device like SIII, Pantech Discover is a good rival of SIII so you might even be satisfied with this one and would want the SIII no more. Only negative side is – you are stuck with the Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

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The design is not that interesting but it’s not bad either. The curved back gives a good grip to hold, and it’s rubberized for safe holding.

The display is quite big; it sports a 4.8 inch display with the resolution of 720×1280 pixels which is the same as the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Feeling the rival fights yet?

Although the display is actually worse than Apple’s iPhone 5, but definitely, you will never get that retina display for 50$, will you? You will have to spend at least 150$.

The speakers create surround sound and they are flanked on either sides of the phone. But they are not noticeable while you hold them because they have been subtly included in the design. Despite of their smaller looks, they create 3D sounds. No matter if you want to blast a party or annoy the subway co-passengers, the speakers are up for everything.

The 12.6 MP camera is walloping. The camera takes vivid colored vibrant and detailed photos. The fast lens focuses within seconds and takes only a split second to capture the shot; but the colors look washed away in bright daylight photos. But however, this 12+ megapixel camera is somehow good. The frontal 2 megapixel camera is less effective, as it is expected to be. The rear camera captures 1080p videos at 30 fps. It’s fine for video captures, but the video may come out blurry and you may not expect to shoot the next terminator movie with this.

The phone software is Android ICS which is backdated now, and unfortunately Pantech hasn’t released any JB firmware yet. The phone sports some modes like ‘easy mode’, ‘drive mode’; the easy mode is for those who are new to Android smartphones and the drive mode automatically blocks calls when the car is running above 25 kmh speed; pretty useful for new license pickers.

And a 1.5 GHz dual core processor keeps everything of these running smoothly. It supports LTE, so you get the 4G connectivity. There’s the most desired memory expansion option although you will have hard times getting into the card slot which is located in a ridiculous place.

All I want to say to you is – discover the ‘Discover’. You will not a package like this only in 50$ on contract.

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This is a Guest Post by Raj for techwaffy and techieblast