Pakistani anchor confuses Apple

In the age of social media, do now not expect to be spared from ruthless trolling in case you make a mistake. And if it is an obtrusive error, you’re quite tons aware of the complaints so one can spread forthwith. A similar state of affairs occurred after a Pakistani anchor pressured Apple – the tech giant – with the fruit.

The video of the moment has long past viral, pointless to say. It all commenced with a discussion on economy and enterprise on the anchor’s display as a panelist remarked: “Apple’s commercial enterprise amounts to extra than the entire of Pakistan’s annual finances.” She quickly interrupted him, pronouncing, “Yes, I have heard that even one apple could be very steeply-priced.”

confuses Apple

He became regarding Apple Inc. She confused it with the fruit. Okay, then. We do not know a way to respond to that. However, the panelist turned short enough to point out: “We are speakme approximately Apple phones, now not the fruit.” The anchor was visibly embarrassed as she laughed in an try to cover up the goof-up.

Retweets likes and, of course, a hilarious discussion observed after the video surfaced on Twitter. “An “Apple” an afternoon keeps the mind away,” study a tweet whilst any other stated, “Ok now transferring away from goats, cows, oil nicely subsequent buzzword is the apple…”

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