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Painting Tips for the DIY Fanatic

If you’re a “do it yourself” fanatic, there is probably very little out there that you wouldn’t attempt to do. Whether the reason is to save money, to gain a little pride and ego at what you’ve accomplished, or simply because you like figuring things out, there is probably no doubt that when things in your home need painted-particularly walls, you’re all about that DIY business.

Hopefully you’re a DIYer who reads up on the endeavor they’re about to takeover before beginning. By doing so, you’ll definitely be saving yourself a lot of time and potentially costly mistakes. If you’re not so much of a prepper, hopefully these painting tips offered to you will help you with your process and help you achieve the look you’re going for in the end.

Prep the Area

As tempting as it is to just jump in full force, you must resist the urge to do so. There are proper prep steps to take that will make everything turn out better for you in the end. Given you’ve already selected your paint color, bought the paint, the brushes, and the rest of the materials you will need, it’s time to clean the area to prepare it for new paint.

Lie Down a Floor Covering

You’ll want to find an old sheet or a tarp and lie it on the floor beneath the wall you’re painting. It’s best to tuck and tape neatly into all the nooks and crannies so that paint has no opportunity to get on your carpet or expensive hardwood floors. You’ll also want to consider covering your furnishings with something.

Wipe Things Down

You really have no idea how much junk is coating your walls and baseboards so you’ll want to give them a thorough wipedown before applying new paint. The reason being is if something sticky, chunky, or dusty is on the wall it will mix in with the paint and give you trouble.

Same goes for the baseboards. Even though you might not be painting them, you’ll need to wipe them down and apply painters tape along the part of the baseboards that meet the wall to avoid getting paint on your trim.

Consider Proper Safety Measures

Chances are good that you’re going to be needing some sort of ladder to reach the tallest parts of your walls. This is especially essential when cutting in along the ceilings or between opposite walls. There are too many accidents that occur from people falling off ladders, so be sure to think twice about the kinds of stunts you’re about to do in order to reach that little chunk of the wall that’s a foot too far to the left. Safety should always be first priority.

Now that you’ve prepped the area and taken the proper safety precautions, it’s time to paint. Remember to do a little more research to educate yourself on how it should be done. Best of luck in your DIY endeavors from here on out.