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The English beach that is rivalling those in Europe

Weymouth beach in the pretty seaside harbour town of one of the most beautiful counties in England has been awarded the 9th best beach in Europe spot by millions of worldwide travellers. These results came from the recent TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Awards whereby the hot spots were granted after considering …

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Airline and Vacation Travel Tips – Easy Travel Checklist

Passport: Be sure you have your passport and also check to see that it’s not expired. For individual countries, your passport must be valid for six months following the date you journey so confirm this before you depart. Also, ensure that you fill in the emergency contact details on your …

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How Hard Is It to Drive Through Texas?

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Texas is big. Really big. Whether you are traveling here to check out some of the state’s best sights or simply driving through, you should be prepared for the way Texans drive. There’s no denying that the state is absolutely beautiful and that locals do a great job at keeping …

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