Tech Tips: Tax software in your clients

No one, besides perhaps accountants, enjoys getting ready their taxes. Now is the time of 12 months whilst customers regularly talk with their economic advisors about taxes, and even as advisors can’t make tax prep…


Low Code – the future of app improvement?

STNews these days attended the ‘Mendix on Tour’ convention to talk to End Users of this new paradigm and to hear how one employer is influencing the destiny of Low Code. Arriving on level with…


The curious case of a WordPress plugin

Updated A British web-dev outfit has denied allegations it deliberately hid code internal it’s WordPress plugins that, amongst different things, spammed a rival’s internet site with junk visitors. Pipdig, which specializes in designing themes and…

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Storeshock WordPress Themes & Elements

What’s the deal? You don’t need years of programming experience to layout a beautiful website; you just need Storeshock. Featuring a full-size choice of WordPress themes, plugins, net factors, and internet programs, Storeshock streamlines the…