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WordPress Plugin Review – P3 Plugin Profiler

Most of today’s bloggers are dependent upon WordPress for making their site beautiful and easy to use. But when websites of bloggers become popular, they get traffic from Google, Facebook, Bing etc. Bloggers add a hell lot of plugins to make their site beautiful or fast or whatever. We also use a HELL Lot of plugins! After adding some plugins of our use and seeing to load a bit slow, we headed over to to see some plugins which could make our site faster. And then we saw a plugin, P3 Plugin Profiler.

Now, coming over to helping people to sort out their site’s speed problems. Download the Plugin from the plugins section in your WordPress Dashboard and Activate it. Now, after activating it, find the plugin profiler in the tools category like in the screenshot below.


Now open it, then you will se a screen like this below. You will your IP, The total number of Active Plugins, The overall plugin load time, the impact of plugins on your site’s load time and the MySQL Queries per visit.


The first page of the plugin covers the runtime of the major plugins which affect the load time and speed of your website. The plugins are also marked with particular colours in a pie chart so it is easy to study each of the plugin’s load times. You can also hover your mouse over each of the areas to see how many mili-seconds exactly does a plugin take. This helps you study your website’s load time problems.

Now coming over to the second page, The detailed breakdown. Due to privacy reasons.


This is it from us, stay tuned for more updates on latest wordpress plugins.

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