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Obama Hits 12.8 Million Twitter Followers

Barak Obama is perhaps the coolest president America has seen since Kennedy, so it comes as no real surprise that his social media credibility is cult-like in its power. The nation’s first black president is in a real sense a celebrity and competes on social networking platforms like Twitter with all the verve of a celeb.

ObamaThe President now has a massive 12.8 million followers on Twitter and he’s far from humble about it. President Obama recently called out comedian Aziz Ansari on his rather low Twitter follower count (Ansari has 1.6 million followers), at a recent fundraising dinner. The quip was enough to generate raucous laughter among guests but also highlighted the power of social media in the context of political popularity.

Obama won the 08 election on the strength of his deep connection with the ‘younger’ generation and many experts are predicting that that demographic base is still the key to success in 2012. Presently Obama isn’t doing too well in the polls, but that’s across the whole of America. Once his campaign really kicks off, those numbers will change, and it’s not hard to expect social media being a key part of the Obama 2012 arsenal.

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