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NSTER: Customized Growth Solutions for Your Online Properties

What Is Nster ?

If you are interested in advertising your website or increasing the traffic of your blog, then Nster would be the best platform that will meet your needs. Nster is an online advertisement company located in West Hollywood, California. It deals with the latest and most powerful technology which tremendously increases the traffic to your web property. Consequently, you get more and more engaged visitors every day you use Nster. To earn money you do not need to have extremely high Alexa; the only criterion is that your website/blog should have attractive content and you should continue to update it on a regular basis.


What Can Nster Do for You?

Let’s have a look atfeatures Nster offers and how it works.

Nster displays the contents of your blog on the most popular websites, and it mainly aims to increase traffic to your site/blog. Nster widget is very easy to use and it is a good pick for people who do not want to waste too much time creating new ads. Once you place Nster widget on your site or blog, you will start to notice the growing number of new and engaged audience, as simple as that!

Why Should You Choose Nster?

Nster is an essential tool which helps you raise the number of people visiting your blog or website and ultimately helps you get more money online. The main reason to have Nster tool is that it is totally FREE.

How Does Nster Work?



  1. First you need to register on Nster website. It’s simple and absolutely FREE.
  2. Nster widget can be used in a variety of ways depending on your needs.

If :

  • You are looking for a tool to attract more targeted readers to your website or blog – become an Nster’s Advertiser
  •  You need to diversify and grow traffic – become an Nster’s Traffic Exchange partner and get up to 150% traffic return from our network
  • You are selling ads space – sign up as an Nster’s Publisherr to monetize your inventory
  1. Add any content you want to be displayed on your website/blog – use what you like: photos, videos, pictures and cartoons!
  2. Follow easy guidelines to adjust your content and customize it
  3. Your effective tool for raising engagement is ready to work

Read more about Nster on:

To distribute your content with Nster, click here or request details at


Want to Know Why You Will Love Using Nster?


  • The main reason for using Nster is that it increases the number of visitors of your site and it is absolutely FREE.
  • You can place your widget anywhere you want, add any content you wish and shape your Nster widget without any special knowledge.
  • It provides you with an informative statistics report for your site or blog.
  • And also, it has a 24/7 support system so you can get help from the Nster Client Service Team any time you need assistance.

What are you waiting for? Sign up and enjoy!