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NSA’s Web site is MIA, cause unclear

Replace: The NSA says the outage used to be because of a blip during a scheduled website replace. See the notice on the finish of this article for the agency’s commentary.

The NSA’s public-facing site has been down for a number of hours Friday, with some speculating that the outage is because of a denial-of-service attack supposed to protest the agency’s surveillance packages. It can be now not clear, on the other hand, what the result in is.

Russia these days pointed to a few tweets from Twitter users that it said were “loosely affiliated” with the hacking collective anonymous, pronouncing the tweets prompt the group was once accountable. However the tweets are not conclusive. (One says, “So If it can be an assault coming from me, or perhaps from a country? Is not going to say! It’s simply looks as if a begin of a cyber struggle.”)

And industry Insider called out a tweet from @Anonymous that says, slightly amusingly (though nonetheless inconclusively), “Awl do not panic about being down. They have got a backup replica of the internet.”

on the other hand, Gizmo do referred to that the nameless-related tweets had been slow in showing and it pointed to a tweet it stated underlined the fact that “it’s kind of bizarre for an assault on a website as distinguished as the NSA’s to head unclaimed.”

A rally to protest the nationwide security company’s surveillance programs is about to take place in Washington, DC, day after today, and it is not unattainable that nameless would use that as an urged for an assault. Still, the cause of the web page’s downtime is unknown.

We asked an NSA spokeswoman if the web site had been hacked or hit with a Dodos or other attack, and she mentioned only that the agency was “taking a look into” the outage and that she’d let us know more when she does.