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Now you can Download Google Chrome for iPhone or iPad


Google Chrome , the excellent Web browser from Google is available on the iOS platform . This is a universal version of iPhone and iPad. If you already use Chrome on your computer you should download this application.

Chrome is probably one of the best iOS applications that created by Google. You will find much the same experience on the web browser on your computer. The universal search bar, sync open tabs, passwords and bookmarks between all your computers and mobile devices.

When you type a URL on the bar of iPhone and the iPad , symbols such as slashes, and the point. com will display above the keyboard. Handling Chrome for iPad is similar to the desktop version. For its part, Chome for iPhone uses a clever gesture. The tabs appear one above the other, allowing you to quickly switch from one tab to another or to close them with a single finger gesture.

Syncing bookmarks, passwords and open tabs between your computer makes you more productive with your mobile device. For example, you search the Web from your iPhone. Back in the office, you can quickly resume your search where you left off. It can simply open a new tab and click on Other devices. Two small defects, there is no full screen mode and it can not be selected as the default browser as Chrome.

Download Google Chrome for iOS

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