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Now Create Your own Windows 8 Custom Theme Pack

Windows users always love customization and they use lots of customization packs, themes and wallpapers to design their desktop appearance according to their own liking. I too like to modify Windows style using freeware customization tools and packs but today I will explain how you can create your own Windows 8 custom theme pack. As you know, Windows 7 comes with free themes and Windows 8 also has similar themes and designs. The structure and feel of Windows 8 themes is quite similar to Windows 7 so we can we can use the same steps to create our own Windows 7 and Windows 8 custom themes.

One other good news is that you can use Windows 7 themes in Windows 8. This means that you have the option to download hundreds of themes from Microsoft Themes Gallery and then use them on Windows 8. It is not compulsory that you are only free to install Official Microsoft themes; you can even get thousands of Windows 7 themes over the internet but to use them you have to patch your Windows 7 and 8. After patching, system files are able to use themes available outside Microsoft’s Official Themes Gallery.

It is true that you can use Windows 7 themes on Windows 8 but it is not possible to use Windows 8 themes in Windows 7. In Windows 7, custom themes are saved with .themepack extension while on other hand theme packs are saved with .deskthemepack extension in Windows 8.

Creating custom theme packs in Windows 7 and Windows 8 is not a big issue because it includes very simple and easy to follow steps. Windows 8 theme pack is a combination of window color, backgrounds, sounds, cursors, icons and other related stuff. Using all these things, we can create our own Windows 8 theme pack directly on our desktop.

Steps to Create Windows 8 Custom Theme Pack:

1. First of all, right-click on your Windows 8 desktop and select the Personalize option. Personalize option gives you access to customize Windows 8 appearance.


2. In the Personalization window, you have to set Desktop icons, Mouse pointers, Desktop backgrounds, Sounds and Screen saver for your custom theme pack.


4. First click on the Desktop background option to add images or backgrounds for your new custom theme. In Desktop Background window, you can browse through any folder that contains images for your new custom Windows 8 theme. You can select a single folder that contains all the desired images in a single place; you can’t select images from multiple locations. It is better to create one folder specifically for this purpose and copy all the images that you want to add in your custom Windows 8 theme so you can browse that folder while setting Desktop Background. Make sure you have selected all high resolution wallpapers as low resolution wallpapers do not look great. I suggest you to use all images with minimum 1920 x 1200 resolution or more. Once you have done all the background related work, click on the Save Changes button to save your customized background for your custom Windows 8 theme.


5. You will now be moved back to the Personalization window. Now click on Windows Color option and choose the theme color that you want to add in your custom Windows 8 theme.


6. Similarly, you can set Windows desktop icons, Sounds, Screen Saver and Mouse pointers for your custom theme. If you have not customized Sounds, Screen Saver, Mouse pointer any desktop icons then all the default settings will be selected. It means when you will install this theme on any other computer, you will get default Cursor, Sound settings, Screen Saver and Desktop icons.

7. Finally, come back to the Personalization window again. Here right-click on your Unsaved Theme and choose Save theme for sharing option. This option will ask you to choose the location where you want to save your theme and it will save your custom Windows 8 theme pack in the desired location of your computer.


8. Custom Windows 8 Theme Pack size depends on the items you have selected during theme creation. If you have added a large number of images, sounds and icons then theme pack will be large automatically. If you want to distribute your theme over the internet then make sure you design Windows 8 theme pack to be small in size so that people can easily download and use it on their Windows 8 system.