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Nokia Lumia 920 makes its advertising debut on AT&T



Launch Of Nokia

The launch of Windows Phone 8 is right around the corner and at the launch, Microsoft will finally reveal any remaining features as well as give us the official launch date of when we can get our hands on the phones. Up until now, the launch dates for phones have been a bit ambiguous but that should all change this week when Microsoft pulls back the curtain on its latest mobile platform.

In an new commercial for AT&T, the company is highlighting its 4G network but the Lumia 920 gets plenty of cameos in the advertisement. We have posted the video above for your viewing pleasure.

In the video you get to see small bits and pieces of the new Windows Phone UI as well as the video recording capabilities. We spotted the black, white, and cyan Lumia 920s in the video which we are salivating to get our hands on.

Video Of Nokia 


[ Source :- Neowin ]

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